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  1. How To Optimize Picture Hanging with Two Cables

    How To Optimize Picture Hanging with Two Cables
    Since most of the population is familiar and experienced with hanging a frame from the hang wire on the rear of a frame, it is natural for us to do the same when hanging a framed art piece from a hanging system. However, that experience does not translate to a framed art piece hanging from two cables or rods.
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  2. How To Manage Face Forward in Framed Art, Cable based

    How To Manage Face Forward in Framed Art, Cable based
    Frames are traditionally prepared with a hang wire on the rear. It is typically mounted to the side rails of frames about 1/3 down from the top of the frame. Also, this wire is traditionally longer than it need be. There is slack in it by some inconsistent amount. When hung from a hanging system cable, or rod, this standard frame preparation will frequently cause the top of the frame to hang away from the wall, what we call face forward.
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  3. How To Hang Framed Art

    How To Hang Framed Art
    The mere act of changing art and repositioning a display damages the one most valuable asset most of us possess, our home. The repeated hammering of nails leaves holes that need to be filled, patched and painted. This is inefficient, not sustainable and budget foolish, and sometimes the damage is simply not repairable. Think of Venetian Plaster, as just one example. Yet, this repeatedly destructive process need not continue.
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  4. How To Create a Cool Architecture Display

    How To Create a Cool Architecture Display
    Every once in a while a client shares photos of how they've used our products that just wow us. Well, recently it happened again. The Center for Architecture in Sarasota, FL sent in photos of their exhibit titled, "Naked" The Architecture of Guy Peterson'. What is The Center for Architecture?
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  5. How To Hang a Poster

    How To Hang a Poster
    Remember back to your teenage years when your walls were smattered with posters of your favorite teenage passion, whether it was rock bands, fast cars, hot girls, hot boys, your favorite sport, what have you? Remember marring that cool poster with all those thumbtack holes or torn corners from putting the posters in just the right spot, only to move them when a new passion or poster was added to the collection? And the holes in the walls, and tape residue that just wouldn't peel off of the paint - or would take the paint with it? Well, your penchant for plastering posters all over your room may have changed, but posters are forever. Maybe, now you're thinking of your college student's dorm room? It needs posters, right? Don't pay a damages fee just because your kid needs some style of his/her own.
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  6. Displaying Children's Artwork Without Sharps, Tape, or Magnets

    Displaying Children's Artwork Without Sharps, Tape, or Magnets
    Is that your first thought when your little one creates a masterpiece for you, beaming with bright eyes and a smile stretching from ear to ear, while you're secretly thinking,
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  7. Visual Presentations for Interior Spaces ... Done Right!

    Visual Presentations for Interior Spaces ... Done Right!
    Having recently updated my own kitchen, visiting many kitchen showrooms in the process and experiencing the monotony often encountered during the shopping experience, I'm thrilled to share with you a recent Customer's Corner story that uses an entirely different approach to kitchen cabinet displays and the custom kitchen design showroom process. Armoires Cuisine Action, located in Boucherville (QC, Canada), provides custom kitchen cabinet and bath services to the greater Montreal market. Their well-executed implementation of a hanging system installation clearly steps outside the art hanging arena, devising a practical and efficient approach to a better customer hands on experience.
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  8. Casso Display Rail Hangs Children's Art in Schools Beautifully

    Casso Display Rail Hangs Children's Art in Schools Beautifully
    Children take great pride when their artwork is displayed at school. The art brightens up the walls and adds cheer to the environment. It makes parents feel proud of their little one's abilities to see their artistic creativity being shared with others. Unfortunately, with bulletin bars typically found in schools, this artwork can be quickly damaged as soon as it goes on display. Staples, thumbtacks, and sharps used to hang the pictures to the cork rail bulletin bars put holes into the pictures. That's not good!
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  9. How To Create a 3D Art Display

    How To Create a 3D Art Display
    This post explores how to create a 3D art display, which has been very cleverly designed using our Tensioners. I absolutely love the playfulness in this art exhibit. The Library of the city of Boucherville worked in conjunction with the Quebec Province Department of Education to create an interactive media room in the library as a space where various art displays can be presented on a 3 - 4 times per year rotation.
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  10. Pocket Displays are a Fabulous Idea

    Pocket Displays are a Fabulous Idea
    When the management team at the leading Bean Bag company, Comfort Research, decided to enroll the staff to constantly focus on improving the company, they came up with a real winner of an idea. Always looking to "Find a Better Way" (FAB), management put some money where the ideas are. They created a program that allows all employees to submit ideas. The ideas are reviewed by a team and, if an idea shows a likelihood to improve the company's processes, increase customer satisfaction, or reduce costs, the idea is implemented. Better yet, there are quarterly and annual rewards for the best FAB Ideas. But to maintain visibility amongst the staff, all submissions are published and displayed on a Wall of Fab.
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  11. How To Hang Art in Earthquake Zones

    How To Hang Art in Earthquake Zones
    As someone who grew up in an earthquake zone in southern California, I have personal first hand experience with shake, rattle, and roll of Mother Nature's occasional convulsing. Besides a multitude of less memorable shakers, I have experienced the following significant quakes: 1971 6.6 San Fernando/Sylmar quake |  1987 5.9 Whittier Narrows quake |  1991 5.6 Sierra Madre quake |  1994 6.7 Northridge quake | 
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