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What can you display with AS Hanging Display Systems? Virtually anything. For residential, commercial or institutional, we offer hanging display systems that can change the way you look at everything.


Introducing our Main Catalog

Section 1. Applications

This first section of our catalog shows in the field installations of our products by our customers. Each of these installations is supported by a picture and an illustrated X-ray style image that decomposes all the needed hardware. This allows the reader to better understand how our products were used to accomplish the given task. The Key features and technical specs and capacities are also presented for each of our systems.

Most of these application photos are available in the Shop by Inspiration section of our website, you can customize and adapt them to your needs and when you're ready, simply add to cart.

There is also a INTERACTIVE VERSION of our catalog with lots of features.

Application Section - Catalog

Breadth of product lines, quality of solutions, and professional service enables the company to continue leadership in providing unique hardware support for art, display materials and signage to a vast variety of business categories.

Represented in our catalog are installations from residential, institutional, public places, corporate branding, hospitality, retail, healthcare, offices, education, museums even spa and fitness businesses can benefit from our products.

We honestly believe that when you call you are choosing to do business with us, the people that collectively make AS Hanging Display Systems. We believe you choose to do business with people and not a company.

Application Section - Catalog

Section 2. Products

This section is structured in a logical order for the path you would typically take to design your own solution. Start by choosing a track, pier or hanger. Then choose compatible cable or rod. Lastly, choose your fittings.

Each product is presented with its own related specs and key features, such as color options, capacities, compatible products, etc.

There is also a special table of content at page 35 that represents the different components used, project types and weight capacity tables that are spreaded throughout the catalog, and where they can be found.


Product Section - Catalog

Interactive Catalog Video Presentation

Tis version of our catalog was intended to be fully interactive. When browsing the catalog, you can click on any image to get a zoomed in version to see more details. All the products drawings on the applications section links to the product section at the end of the catalog. Then, the products drawings in this last section link directly to the website's product pages.