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  1. The Timeless Elegance of Black

    The Timeless Elegance of Black
    AS Hanging Display Systems, inspired by the world of architecture and design, has developed a black range of picture hanging systems to blends perfectly with any decor.
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  2. Visual Merchandising

    Visual Merchandising
    In the retail industry, you need to optimize the presentation of your products and services to better showcase their features and benefits. The right hanging and display system is your solution.
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  3. A Two-in-One Wall Organizer

    A Two-in-One Wall Organizer
    When we buy a bulletin board or wall organizer, we think about displaying papers, lists, photos, etc. If you try to hang a cap on a thumbtack on corkboards, the result is likely for it to end up on the floor almost immediately. In addition, corkboards are not very ‘’sexy’’, not to mention their dangerous side due to thumbtacks and pins.
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  4. Home Office Ideas

    Home Office Ideas
    With what is currently going on with the COVID-19, we now need to create a workspace in our living environment that still allows us to be productive and efficient. Let AS Hanging help you!
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  5. How to Hang Mirror on Wall

    How to Hang Mirror on Wall
    They say that mirrors are a reflection of reality. They reflect and magnify all aspects of our home. Mirrors have many virtues in interior design. How to hang mirror on wall? We have solutions!
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  6. Crown Molding IdeAS

    Crown Molding IdeAS
    Crown Molding Ideas to highlight your space! Use crown as a picture molding rail. Hang picture frame without damaging your walls or your crown molding.
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    For building and renovation projects, AS Hanging Display Systems developed different Built-In Picture Hanging Systems made from durable, high-quality materials. Reach your highest ASpirations!
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  8. How to Hang Plates on the Wall

    How to Hang Plates on the Wall
    Problem solved with AS Hanging's Plate Wall Hanger. It is designed to grasp fragile pieces. Hanging art plates, collectable plates, and vintage tableware on walls is not a challenge anymore!
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  9. Seven Days Seven Wall Decor Ideas

    Seven Days Seven Wall Decor Ideas
    Rearranging your spaces is fun, creative and brings fulfillment! Express yourself in your home decor. With AS picture hanging systems, transform your interior without damaging your walls.
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  10. How to Roll a Cable

    How to Roll a Cable
    High ceilings? Multiple artworks to hang? We offer picture hanging wires of different lenghts. Do not cut it, you might need it further. The solution is to roll up the cable behind the artwork.
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  11. With Our Display Systems - It's In The Bag

    With Our Display Systems - It's In The Bag
    Our customers keep sharing their novel and successful approaches to creating retail merchandise displays using our tracks and hanging hardware. We love it when you guys share with us your success stories! Here's another dynamic approach, using our products, executed by a quaint Hermosa Beach, CA apparel company.
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