Seven Days Seven Wall Decor Ideas

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7 Days 7 Looks

Interior design and home decor are one of the best ways you can express your true personality and make your home feel alive. Rearranging your spaces is fun, creative and brings fulfillment! Express yourself in your interior! Our homes should reflect who we are at the deepest level. With our picture hanging systems installed, you transform your home decor without damaging your walls. Do not forget that the walls are the first thing you, your family, and your guests notice.

Click Rail TracksClick Rail Tracks
All-In-One Click Rail KitAll-In-One Click Rail Kit

Rearrange or get a new look every day! 

Seven days seven wall decor ideas! Before you start shifting your spaces, think of an easy way to create new decorating styles. First, install your picture hanging system, then plan your new home decor layouts and bring that layout to life. For example, the discreet Click Rail Hanging Track goes unnoticed but is always ready to hold anything from framed art to mirror. With Twist End Cables and some Hanging Hooks, you will now have the possibility to move and adjust any item left, right, up and down. Sustainable, useful, and especially, no holes in your walls.

The most obvious way to change your scenery is to move your art around.

Modern, minimalist, traditional or contemporary design? What to choose? No matters with our Picture Hanging Systems! 7 Days 7 Looks! You shouldn’t limit yourself to one particular look, label or trend. Your tastes change from time to time, season to season. AS Hanging offers the most functional and flexible Wall Mounted and Ceiling Mounted Picture Hanging Systems. Hang and display picture frames, panels, and objects in any space, on any walls. No more nails. Easy to move up/down & left/right any picture frame, art, wall decoration. Your wall decors will be interchangeable.

All-In-One Click Rail KitAll-In-One Click Rail Kit

Home Office IdeasHome Office Ideas

We had to work from home, or we need to use the space differently.

As many people are now spending more time at home in this COVID-19 pandemic, many have returned to a more creative and personal design style. We are craving for more personality in a space. It’s the return to home as our sanctuary. Moreover, with what is currently going on with the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us are forced to work from home. We need to create a workspace in our living environment that still allows us to be productive and efficient. Just like the name says it, AS Hanging Display Systems offers home office ideas. Discover a wide variety of hanging and display solutions perfect for your home office desk!

The Casso® Display Rail System is an ingenious bulletin bar that automatically holds any paper-to-cardboard thickness items in place easily, without the need for Scotch tape, putty adhesive or thumbtacks. Quickly turn your wall into an organized and easy-to-use display wall for your paperwork, or even children’s art!


Your new home office desk is situated in your basement and has suspended ceiling tiles? The Drop Ceiling Hanger Kit is perfect for this situation! Simply lift the side of the tile located on the corner of the ceiling, slide in the Drop Ceiling Hanger, and now you can dress your wall as you please.

Casso® Display RailsCasso® Display Rails
Casso® Display Rail for Home OfficeCasso® Display Rail for Home Office

Give yourself the possibilities!

When that day comes, you will certainly be glad to move back to your regular work environments. When you do so, all these home office ideas will leave your walls exactly as they were before…. Not looking like Swiss cheese! And you will always be able to use the fantastic picture hanging systems you installed. With AS Hanging Display System’s solutions, what is endless are the home decor possibilities, not the holes in your walls.


Find here some fresh home decor inspirations! Endless affordable and simple ideas!

Wall Mounted Picture Hanging SystemsWall Mounted Picture Hanging Systems

Do you have a clever or unique way of putting AS Hanging Display Systems to use? We’d love to hear—and see—all about it! Share HERE your photos with us!

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