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AS Hanging Display Systems is a pioneer in the art field since 1964. Since 1983, we offer professional art and picture hanging systems for all types of projects: residential, commercial, institutional, schools and universities, hospitality, office buildings, all kinds of businesses, art galleries and museums.

Discover our main systems: Wall, Ceiling, Built-in and Tensioned. Also explore our Display Systems, Standoffs and Specialty Hangers.

Breadth of product lines, quality of solutions, and professional service enable the company to continue leadership in providing unique picture hanging systems and hardware.

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Company Timeline


40 Years in business

We are thrilled to celebrate 40 years in business! Time flies when you’re having fun, and we have had a blast helping you create beautiful and personalized spaces with our art and picture hanging systems.

Since 1983, we offer professional art and picture hanging systems for all types of projects: residential, commercial, institutional, schools and universities, hospitality, office buildings, all kinds of businesses, art galleries and museums.

Over 25,000 miles of Tracks Sold Worldwide!

This was a year of product development with the introduction of brand-new Frame Hangers to ease your installation: Adhesive Hangers, Pictures Hangers, etc.

We are proud to add new great Display It Articulated Piers. Double-sided LED Panels are mounted on the wall or the ceiling and the Articulated Piers offer the flexibility to suit any display project.

Product development included the clever Casso® Magnetic Display Rail. It is an ideal Two-in-One Wall Organizer to share and display drawings, school projects, photos, etc.


Display It LED

This year we released an amazing and professional new product: the Display It LED Panels. To make a statement and enlighten any kind of display and project, the Display It LED Panels are the solution.

The Built-In Systems have become a must for architects and builders. Easy-to-install during construction or renovation phases, these systems are a breakthrough for the construction industry. They easily integrate hanging systems into their buildings, very discreetly.

Several new products were also launched this year: the Smart Pocket Ceiling Rail; the Tablet Holder and new 4x6, photo size, Acrylic Pocket and Smart Pocket.

AS Hanging Display Systems logo was officially granted a copyright by USPTO.


7 NEW Tracks

The company completed a comprehensive refresh of its picture hanging systems terminology and graphical presentation. The product color swatches were immediately incorporated on the website to the delight of our customers.

This was also a year of product development with the introduction of brand-new tracks. We are proud to add new great Built-in Tracks: Deco Rail Track used with molding, Drop Ceiling Track and Shadowline Wall and Ceiling Tracks. Two new Ceiling Tracks were introduced: Up Rail Track and Xpo Rail Track.

Product development included the clever Smart Pocket Rail. The Smart Pocket Rail is an ideal picture rail system to share and display information, photos, ideas, etc. in a neat and professional way.


Two Awards Won

The year 2020 was a challenging one. All over the world, the spread of Covid-19 challenged companies and people. AS Hanging Display Systems reorganized their departments and stayed strong through the epidemic storm. We also moved our Headquarters to a new larger 20,000 sq. ft. facility to be more effective, answer our clients and employees’ needs.

The year saw the company release the black version of his Casso Display Rail and Fixed Piers. This trendy color is a great addition to our line. It gives new opportunity to designers in their searches of perfect wall decor.

We won two Awards Architectural Record Magazine. We are pretty proud of our Marketing Department.


AS Hanging Top Clamps

The company became the Authorized Artiteq’s products distributor for North America. The long-term collaboration, more than 25 years, was embellished by this announcement. The collaboration benefits both partners to achieve shared goals, enhance teamwork, create great opportunities, develop new products, helped being more cohesive and successful together. Trust and respect were always the keys of our collaboration.

The company added Top and Bottom Clamps to the Pro-Side Clamps family. Designed to present tempered glass panels by grasping the top edge of the panel via a through-hole, Top Clamps also suspend all sorts of materials such as plexiglass, wood, etc., with professionalism.


Residential Inspirations

The company announced three new hooks for rods. These are very robust and novel. Also, on the new product side the company extended the Top Clamp line with Top-Bottom Clamps in two sizes

However, by far the largest effort of the year was the migration to a new website based on completely new architecture, technology platform and user experience. The advancements are too numerous to list.


Residential Inspirations

The year saw the company release a catalog titled "Residential Inspirations". To best support the A/D/S community, the company developed BIM models of it products. In parallel to this effort, the company also updated its 3-part CSI formatted specs. These are very comprehensive and along with the BIM models are hosted at Arcat.com.

Top Clamps were introduced in three sizes to directly attach to either of glass panels or most other rigid substrate and suspend them from any of our steel cables.


AS Hanging Display Reveal

The company introduced the Minify™ Clip and the Poster Hanger. This is a product that allows paper posters to be suspended from our cable-based systems without any other physical attachment or preparation of the poster, such as framing. It is ideal for college dormitories and for merchandising posters in retail spaces. 

The USPTO granted a patent for the design of Display Reveal.


ASHanging.TV on YouTube

The company introduced six new products that create a family called Pro Side Clamps. Patents were issued for the Wall Track End Caps, Drop Ceiling Hanger and the remaining Panel Hook. Also, along the intellectual properties front we were disappointed to find another firm had made a poor decision to infringe on the designs of one or more of our proprietary products. This forced us to exercise our rights and to file a complaint against this party. The matter was ultimately settled to the satisfaction of all parties. 

The company published several YouTube videos.


ASHanging Logo

The pace of picture hanging systems development increased on several fronts. The company completed a comprehensive refresh of its logo and graphical presentation. It was immediately incorporated into a new comprehensive catalog, a first in the industry segment, and on the website. 

The Hang with the Best Blog, after only two years of existence, reached its 100th entry. 

Product development included the revolutionary Display Reveal and two variations of two-sided Panel HooksPatents were issued by the USPTO on the Rod-End Hanger and two earlier versions of the Panel Hook line of hooks.


End Cap for AS Hanging Wall Track

This was a year of picture hanging systems development with the introduction of the Drop Ceiling Hanger, the Rod-End Hanger, the End Caps for the Classic Wall Track, and two Counter-Weight Stabilizers, one each for cables and rods. However, much more significant were the joint introductions of the Panel Hook, One-Sided, Wide and a clip for the Panel Hook product line

The third generation Mini Hook, introduced in 2012 was granted patent status by the USPTO.


AS Hanging Mini Hook

"Hang with the Best®", was developed and was granted trademark protection by the USPTO and immediately, the company began a blog by the same name. On the product development side, the company introduced Short Fixed Piers as well as the sleek and sexy Cable Tensioner product line. Also, the Mini Hook, introduced in 2004, then refined in 2009, went "under the knife" and resurfaced in a slotted variation.

The company's products were featured on the very popular women's lifestyle Canadian TV show, Cityline. This was company's second appearance on the show.


ASHanging Casso Display Rail

The company exceeded the threshold of 30,000 installations.

Picture hanging systems development saw several new introductions including the Contempo Track Connector; the Barrel-End Cable, our first cast end fitting; the Twist-End Cable; and most notably, the Casso® Display Rail, which was the first product in the direct hang category, using no cables or rods.


J-End Cable photo

The US warehouse was moved to a larger facility in West Chazy, NY. On the product development front, the J-End Cable was redesigned to better locate the hanging cable closer to the wall. This design also makes the cable-top fitting more discreet. The design was granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. 

This year saw the company introduce a new website, which is referred to internally as ASHanging.com 2.0. Built anew on a advanced technology platform allowed for a several customer use enhancements, most notably the linkage of the web front end to a CRM, and the workflows for order processing and fulfillment. The entire website was also duplicated in French for the French-Canadian market. This allows industry leading customer service, while processing orders within 24 business hours.


Panel Hook wireframe

The company was relocated to Brossard, QC, Canada, allowing the facility to grow by 50%. Registered trademark status is received for Footprintless® Easel, Boardless® Bulletin Board and Contempo® Track. Numerous new products were introduced, most notably the "Panel Hook". A patent was issued for this design as were the Mini Hook, Contempo System and the Heavy Classic Hook.

Not all news is good news, however. The company discovered many of its own products and original designs had been sent to China and cheaply copied on behalf of start-up US firm. The brand mark =AS=, first introduced onto cable assemblies, to distinguish genuine AS Hanging System parts from the inferior knockoff, and potentially dangerous, products.The company welcomed its 20,000th picture hanging systems successful installation.


Tensioned Cable System

The product line explodes as the Tensioned Cable System and Pocket Display System are added to the line. Additionally, the company begins offering preconfigured solutions for specific applications. These include easels, bulletin boards, real estate listing presentation, restaurant menu display, school project presentation. The trademark, Contempo® Track, is sought to better reflect the product's broad applicability to most of any wall and not just curved walls. The company's ad in Architectural Record magazine wins an award.


Arts-Supplies.net name changes to https://www.ashanging.com/en_us/products/systemsto better reflect its evolving primary business sectors. The company constantly improves its Internet presence to deliver product knowledge to the expanding user base.

The company's participation in trade events expands to include the American Institute of Architects. The company is invited to speak at Decor Expo in Atlanta.


Contempo Track

The company's picture hanging systems activity has now overrun the gallery business and is demanding its own independent space. What is known as Arts-Supplies.net moves from the Sherbrooke offices to a warehouse/production location. The new space expands to 5,000 sq. ft. and integrates a showroom for local customers. The product line expands further to include a new system that is now known as the Contempo® Track and a wider selection of hooks for cables. The company's participation in trade events expands to include the Museum market.


J-End Cable photo

A 3,500 sq.ft. warehouse is acquired in Montreal to better serve growing demand for the hanging system product lines. The website received other updates and enhancements and by now this is an ongoing effort. A new cable design, J-End Cables, are manufactured. Heavy Classic Hook, version 2, is launched.

The company participates in several tradeshows addressing the gallery, art, custom framing and interior decor markets.


Mini Hook

Product Development accelerates in leaps and bounds. Proprietary products are introduced, such as Frame Stabilizers, for both cables and rods. The introduction of the Mini-Hook fulfills the need for a small cable hook. Offices on Sherbrooke Street are renovated and the hanging system operation now occupies the entire 2nd floor of the Galerie de l'Isle. The website undergoes further refinements to provide additional product information and timely order status. The company participates in four tradeshows.


Heavy-Classic Hook

The company designs and produces its first proprietary rod hook, Heavy Classic Hook, this hook fills a missing piece in the Classic System product line. The company participates in its first tradeshow in America.


arts-supplies logo

Walter Moncade integrates the company's order processing, CRM and inventory control into a solid e-commerce site. The company's picture hanging systems offering is split off into this new web presence under the name "Arts-Supplies.net". Also in that year, production of aluminum rods is moved to Montreal.

Introduction of a wider selection of Cable System products is added to the product line and Click Rail Track is introduced to North America. The company exhibits at its first tradeshow, a small custom framing-oriented show in Toronto.


Captain Hook

Galerie de l'Isle broadens its product line yet further by negotiating a joint relationship with a leading European firm very active in picture hanging systems production.



By now the hanging systems side of Galerie de l'Isle has grown to the point where a distribution center is needed. The first distribution/production facility is opened in a Montreal suburb. This provides the opportunity to begin in-house production of multiple products.


arts-supplies website

Walter Moncade, Alain's son, opens an advertising agency. His client, Galerie de l'Isle, asks him to develop a website that will present the various hanging system solutions. The first professionally developed website named "Art-System" goes public.


Classic System

The first of what ultimately becomes a broad collection of specialty hardware fittings is manufactured in Canada.


Ceiling Track

Product development accelerates yet further. Classic Ceiling Track was introduced and the color choices for both wall and ceiling tracks were expanded include Silver, Champagne, Gold, Back and White.


Wall Track

Product refinement takes hold. A track is needed to suit the North American market is developed. The current version of Classic Wall Track was the result and produced here in North America. It has been imitated many times since.


ASHanging 0.0 Website

A website for Galerie de l'Isle is launched. It consists of three pages: Homepage, Represented Artists, Hanging Systems.


arts-supplies catalog

By now, word of the hanging system products offered by Galerie de l'Isle has spread beyond Montreal and Quebec. To better serve the growing demand, Mr. Moncade begins Canadian production of early tracks and rods for what ultimately becomes the "Classic System".


First ad

To better address the desires of a now-expanding list of clients, Galerie de l'Isle hanging system offerings continue to grow. Mr. Moncade augments his hanging system offerings to include a selection of early cable-based system components.


Suspension a tableaux

Mr. Moncade brings two decades of experience from his European galleries and with him also comes a rod-based hanging system (the predecessor to the current Classic Rail Track) for this new North American gallery. AS Hanging has started importing European products to North America.


Montreal Gallery

Alain Moncade passes day-to-day responsibility for the galleries in France to an assistant director in Geneva and opens a new gallery in Montréal, Canada. Galerie de l’Isle opens at 1396 Sherbrooke St. West, facing the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts. Bringing European world-class artists to North America, Mr. Moncade also start selling art hanging systems.


1976 Geneva

Mr. Moncade's enterprise expands. His skill as a businessman flourishes as he opens a second gallery, La Galerie du Théâtre in Geneva. While promoting art in a competitive environment, he installs and uses a comprehensive hanging system throughout his gallery. Mr. Moncade offers to his customers a large selection of artworks, sculptures, framing, art restoration and hanging systems.


1964 Gallery

First contact with Hanging System. In the sixties, founder Alain Moncade, opens his first gallery in Toulon, France. The adventure begins as he deploys the old type of French Gallery Rods in the gallery. The years go by as he informs and trains the public of these products. Success settles in and remains to this day.