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Picture Hanging Systems & Kits

AS Hanging Display Systems offers multiple picture hanging systems for all your residential, commercial and institutional needs. Hanging picture from a wall or a ceiling has never been easier, using the picture rail manufactured by AS Hanging. With our various art hanging systems, you can hang your wall decorations quickly and easily. Arrange and rearrange them without using any tools, screws or nails! Once the picture rail is installed, you’ll never need to drill a hole in the wall ever again!

No matter what kind of surface you’re working with or how many pieces of art you want to hang, or even where you want them shown, we provide an array of picture hanging systems that will showcase your art seamlessly and securely. Hang your paintings, photographs, posters and picture frames with the variety of picture hooks and picture hangers by AS.

AS Hanging Display Systems offers a several solutions for art gallery, university and school, all kind of store, museum, governmental institution and customized solutions for home. Our art hanging systems are made from high-grade materials: Wall Systems, Ceiling Systems, Hidden Systems, Piers & Standoff and even Specialty Hangers to answers all designs and functionalities you’re searching for.

Choose from a myriad of different styles, including industrial, contemporary and discrete to show all your picture hanging ideas. For a secure, flexible and elegant picture hanging, explore here which is best for your application.