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  1. Website Launch

    Website Launch
    AS Hanging and Display Systems is proud to reveal its new web site at In the history of the company this is the third major overhaul and our most aggressive one to date. It is based on a completely new platform and sets the company up for category leadership on the web, well into the next decade. Of course there are many technical advances under the hood, but unless you are a web developer these might sound like so much gibberish. So lets instead investigate the face of the site and how navigation has been transformed.
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  2. Holiday Hours

    Holiday Hours
    We are so excited about the upcoming holidays. We're guessing you are too. But there are certain things you should not have to guess at ... our hours of business during the holiday season and important ordering and shipping dates. We're outlining this info below, but please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.
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  3. Strongest Hooks for Your Heavy Wall Hangings

    Strongest Hooks for Your Heavy Wall Hangings
    When you have heavy objects to hang, be it large paintings, framed mirrors, or large wall objects, your hooks have a heavy load to carry. The correct hook to support an item you wish to display may be determined by the type of object, as well as its weight. AS Hanging Display Systems offers several hooks capable of providing the needed support. Note, while we refer to these as hooks, some refer to such hardware fittings as wall hangers, while others refer to them as grippers. Let's review our
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  4. How To Hang Framed Art

    How To Hang Framed Art
    The mere act of changing art and repositioning a display damages the one most valuable asset most of us possess, our home. The repeated hammering of nails leaves holes that need to be filled, patched and painted. This is inefficient, not sustainable and budget foolish, and sometimes the damage is simply not repairable. Think of Venetian Plaster, as just one example. Yet, this repeatedly destructive process need not continue.
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  5. How To Manage Face Forward in Framed Art

    How To Manage Face Forward in Framed Art
    Frames are traditionally prepared with a hang wire on the rear. It is typically mounted to the side rails of frames about 1/3 down from the top of the frame. Also, this wire is traditionally longer than it need be. There is slack in it by some inconsistent amount. When hung from a hanging system cable, or rod, this standard frame preparation will frequently cause the top of the frame to hang away from the wall, what we call face forward.
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  6. How To Optimize Picture Hanging with Two Cables

    How To Optimize Picture Hanging with Two Cables
    Since most of the population is familiar and experienced with hanging a frame from the hang wire on the rear of a frame, it is natural for us to do the same when hanging a framed art piece from a hanging system. However, that experience does not translate to a framed art piece hanging from two cables or rods.
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  7. How To Eliminate Picture Frame Teeter Totter

    How To Eliminate Picture Frame Teeter Totter
    Hanging a single piece of framed art is typically straightforward. While there can be certain aspects to consider when hanging solo pieces, as we've mentioned in our first post of this series, the tactical aspects usually arise when attempting to hang multiple pieces in a vertical format on a single cable or rod. One of these is the Teeter-Totter Effect.
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  8. How To Fix (Straighten) Frame Tilt

    How To Fix (Straighten) Frame Tilt
    Have you ever tried to hang a framed piece of art or lovely photo and, while the piece itself is wall-worthy, its presentation is less than appealing? It tilts or leans on the wall. Right or left, it doesn't matter. It distracts from the visual.
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  9. How To Hang Unframed Art

    How To Hang Unframed Art
    In our series, "How to Optimize Hanging Systems", we've discussed topics including how to hang framed art, managing face forward of frames, when to use two cables for picture frame stabilization, tips for how to prevent art frames from a teeter-totter effect, and eliminating the dizzying visual distraction of unbalanced picture frame tilting.
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  10. How To Use a Hanging System to Display Plaques or Awards with Keyhole Slot

    How To Use a Hanging System to Display Plaques or Awards with Keyhole Slot
    Perhaps you own a laminated photo.Or maybe graduation plaques from your child's school?Or recent awards from your business success. On the back side of many of them, you find a common keyhole slot. Has this left you contemplating how to hang a picture or plaque when one of these slots is present?
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