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  1. Tablet Holder

    Tablet Holder
    Find the right tablet holder for your touchscreen device. We are here to help you. Hanging systems are the ideal iPad wall mount solution for any tablet or smartphone.
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    10% OFF BLACK FRIDAY WEEK! Put elegance in your picture hanging projects with AS Hanging Systems. Discover how to hang pictures without nails!
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  3. World Quality Day

    World Quality Day
    At AS Hanging Display Systems, quality is part of all areas of the business. Starting with the quality of customer service that we provide to our customers and partners. Top product quality!
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  4. Visual Merchandising

    Visual Merchandising
    In the retail industry, you need to optimize the presentation of your products and services to better showcase their features and benefits. The right hanging and display system is your solution.
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  5. Indoor Halloween Decorations

    Indoor Halloween Decorations
    You’ve probably spent weeks planning your indoor Halloween decorations! But have you thought of how you’re going to hang them on your walls or ceilings? The solution: picture hanging systems!
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  6. Kids Creative Activities at Home Halloween Crafts

    Kids Creative Activities at Home Halloween Crafts
    As October 31 approaches, get in the spooky spirit with these creative Halloween crafts for kids. Hang their masterpieces easily with AS Hanging Systems or our Casso® multifunctional wall organizer!
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  7. Wall Protection

    Wall Protection
    Frame Bumper can be used as a spacer to pull the lower corners of hanging picture frames away from a wall. It can be used to buffer the wall from hardware that may otherwise contact and mark the wall.
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  8. Happy World Teachers Day

    Happy World Teachers Day
    Teachers work hard to help young people learn and grow. We work hand in hand with schools to develop safe and constructive environments by providing safe, high quality hanging and display products.
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  9. World Architecture Day: Designing and Building

    World Architecture Day: Designing and Building
    Architecture is a part of who we are. We have worked hand in hand for more than 30 years with architect firms around the world to provide them with effective and innovative solutions.
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  10. World Peace

    World Peace
    Let's celebrate this day by spreading compassion, kindness and hope. Every year, the International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world on September 21.
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  11. World Youth Day

    World Youth Day
    AS Hanging is proud to encourage young people to generate new ideas and innovative projects. Let us work together to support the development of youth empowerment. Hang with the Best®!
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