Create a Wall Display Using Suspended vs. Tensioned Cable Solutions

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How to Create the perfect wall display?

Most hanging systems are "suspended" systems. This means the weight of the object is suspended from the upper track, allowing the cable or rod to hang freely with gravity. The alternate type of hanging system for artwork is a "tensioned" system. Using this type of installation, the cable is also attached at a lower point, allowing the cable to be held taught, or tensioned, between the upper and lower points. This makes for a very stable display. While a suspended cable system is the most discrete, many think the engineered appearance of tensioned cable systems is what they prefer.


Other pros and cons of the two basic designs are these: A suspended system may use stainless steel cables or nearly invisible Nylon cords, while a tensioned system offers significant anti-theft or earthquake compliant benefits. The choice is yours. All of our cable systems are by nature suspended systems.

AS Hanging Systems Tensioned Cable Point-to-Point Articulated Piers with Utility Hook Supporting Panels:

Click Rail Track by AS Hanging Systems Suspends 3D Art in a Residence:  Art Gallery Hangs Artwork Using Suspended Cables AS Hanging Display Systems:

Tensioned Cables by AS Hanging Display Systems Spanning Floor and Classic Ceiling Track to Hang Art Without Walls:

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