Sneeze Guard to protect our employees and customers

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What is a Sneeze Guard?

A sneeze guard is an acrylic sheet or glass screen protector designed to protect food or people from the exposure to respiratory droplets, which are dispensed when coughing, sneezing or even talking. Sneeze guard has been in use in restaurants for decades.


How high should a Sneeze Guard be?

A sneeze guard mounted to a checkout counter should be between 24 and 36 inches high to effectively create a barrier. The acrylic sheet can be hung by a picture rail, a drop ceiling hanger or an architectural picture hanging hardware.

The Evolution of Glass Shield

Also known as sneeze guards, glass shields were originally invented to prevent contamination at buffets and self-service food counters. Restaurateur Johnny Garneau wanted to protect food displays at his Pennsylvania- and Ohio-based restaurants.

Because he wanted customers to have a pleasant, germ-free dining experience, Garneau commissioned engineers to design a protective barrier, now called a sneeze guard by designation. In 1958, the first sneeze guard debuted at Johnny Garneau's American Style Smorgasbord in Monroeville, Penn.

One year later, he filed a patent.


Sneeze guard, glass shield, acrylic sheet, plexiglass and other protective barriers are being deployed in other settings such as grocery, retails stores, clinics, hairdressers, and much more, to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Sneeze guards are not medical devices, but they have qualities contributing to slowing down the transmission. In combination with appropriate procedures, sneeze guards can provide a valuable asset to limiting the spread of germs.





Why Do I Need a Sneeze Guard?

If you're a business owner, incorporating a sneeze guard into your work environment is a great way to protect your staff and customers from airborne bacteria and germs spread through sneezing or coughing. This is a protective an ideal protective barrier for any business where regular human contact is a common occurrence. It shows customers and staff you care about their well-being. A sneeze guard provides a measure of distance for added security and hygiene.

What Features Should I Consider?

Consider form and function. Where will the sneeze guard go, and what is its primary purpose? Whether you need a portable sneeze guard for a desk or a more substantial barrier to mount or hang, there are solutions for your business. A lot of different sneeze guard materials are offered: acrylic panels, tempered glass sheets, plexiglass panels, etc., all durable materials that offer clear vision.

Whether you need a single barrier for a small business or are looking to add transparent barriers to an entire school, AS Hanging Display Systems has a lot of plexiglass hanging solutions.