Fixed Pier - Covid-19 Protection Kit - Hanging System for Plexiglass / Glass

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Professional, quick and easy install solution for all stores, hairdressers, restaurants, etc. This picture hanging kit hangs plexiglass or glass panels from any type of solid ceiling with fixed piers.


Compatible with Ceiling Systems
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  1. 2 Fixed Pier, Short
  2. 2 Barrel-End Cable
  3. 2 Top Clamp


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      Our Fixed Piers Covid-19 Protection Kit Hanging System for Plexiglass and Glass includes a Fixed Pier, Short with Barrel-End Cables and Top Clamps. This picture hanging kit can hang plexiglass, acrylic sheets or glass panels from any type of solid ceiling (fixed attachment). You may select the small, medium, or large Top Clamps to attach your panel, according to its thickness.

      The supplied hanging cables are of sufficient length to suspend the top of a panel of up to 8 ft below the upper attachment ceiling. Cables are trimmed to length on site, during installation. Fixed Piers Hang from any type of solid ceiling (fixed attachment) and will only take up a small footprint space. Professional presentation. Easy-to-use, secure, durable and fashionable. Recommended by leading experts.

      Retail solution to help you control the spread of the Covid-19. Create a safer environment for your employees and customers. The plexiglass will help everyone keep a safe distance during the current Covid-19 situation.

      AS Hanging Display Systems has put together a professional, quick and easy install solution for all environments where clients and staff interact, including retail stores, hairdressers, restaurants, gyms, grocery stores, clinics, and much more.


      Cable Trim Kit

      Cable Trim Kit

      Because of the nature of the materials used and to reduce risk of damages on delivery, we have chosen to let our clients provide their own protective panels. We have a complete line of products compatible with ANY of these, whether it be acrylic panels, Plexiglass, Tempered Glass, right up to Sintra boards and foam core substrates!

      It is more cost effective to obtain your own material, size and thickness you want directly. Hardware stores offer these, so you can choose from directly from their inventory, according to your specific installation while you are there.

      Call us at 866-935-6949 for details!


      Our Top Clamps are compatible with acrylic panel / plexiglass up to 1/2 in. thick, for Glass Panel follow these guidelines.

      Options depend on your type of ceiling and the weight (size) of panel you want to use.

      It's recommended to order a Cable Trim Kit to ease installation.

      Plexiglass / Acrylic Thickness vs Weight (4 x 6 ft. sheet)

      Thickness Weight Compatible with
      1/4 in. 45 lb Top Clamp, Small or Medium
      3/8 in. 65 lb Top Clamp, Large
      1/2 in. 85 lb Top Clamp, Large


      Top Clamp through-hole diameter

      Product Hole Diameter (without bushing)
      Top Clamp Small  3/16 in.
      Top Clamp Medium 3/16 in.
      Top Clamp Large 1/4 in.
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      Fixed Pier - Covid-19 Protection Kit - Hanging System for Plexiglass / Glass