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Casso® Display Rail II

Casso® Display Rail II

The clever design of this rail allows for paper and thin-board items, up to 2mm thick (1/16 inch). Both 2 ply and 4 ply mat board are compatible. Plus, there is no need for staples, thumb tacks or push pins - making it safe around the youngest, and “always ready”. Simply insert from below. This is a much better approach than cork rail or map rail. Yet, this design also avoids internal rollers, found in the most common alternate design. As a result, Casso wall rail will not jam and tear pages upon removal – even multiple stapled pages.


The design not only avoids rollers and fasteners but also does not incorporate a hinged aluminum shell design. Thus, Casso track may be placed behind trim carpentry to mask its appearance – if desired.

There is no cork, which is good for managing maintenance and cost of ownership. Just try to remove graffiti from corkrail or paper rail cork inserts.

Use in semi-public spaces to post notices by the "water cooler" to keep employees up to date on benefit programs, sport outings, team schedules, seminars, etc. You can think of it as a very horizontal bulletin board, or bulletin bar. Place short lengths of Casso paper rail in a work area to post and organize notes, organize messages for staff and doctors, or just for keeping clutter from accumulating on a desk top.

Administration and facilities offices and warehouses can use it as a ‘Bulletin Rail’ to replace all of the unnecessary and wasteful bulletin boards, with the same sustainable and green benefits, for the plethora of union notices, postings, work orders, schedules, etc.

Place in a commercial kitchen to hold notices/orders off counter tops.

At home, Casso wall talker will proudly display children's art on their bedroom wall, relieving refrigerator clutter. Casso wall rail allows the little Picasso at your house to shine.

For school use see a variant, Casso EDU Display Rail.
For healthcare Get Well card management, see a special configuration, Casso EBD Patient Engagement Rail .
For patient care signage in healthcare see, Casso EBD Patient Care Signage Rail .


Material: Extruded aluminum track, extruded co-polymer gripper insert
Length: 2 and 6 foot rails
Installation surface: Wall
Compatibility Paper products up to 0.079 inches thick (2mm)

Available colors: Anodized (Silver Satin), White Painted, flat-finish (Cool).

Includes (per rail): Two (2) End-Caps, Click & Connect connectors, #6 x 1.25" screws and TripleGrip™ anchors. These may be used to mount the track to brick, cement, gypsum, plaster and ceramic surfaces.

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Casso® Display Rail Receives Registered Trademark Status

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