How To Organize Necklaces

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Hanging Necklaces

Necklaces are different than other jewelry. They're relatively long, thin, and prone to tangling when stored together. One of the easiest ways for hanging necklaces is definitely small hooks. To avoid your necklaces from being scratched, break, etc., hooks remained the best way.


Why not combine two needs with our display solution! Wall organizer Casso Display Rail is stylish, secure, and combine paper display with the option to hang jewelry, necklaces and so much more.

Wall Organizer MultifunctionalWall Organizer Multifunctional

Casso J HangerCasso J Hanger
Hanging NecklacesHanging Necklaces
Casso J HangersCasso J Hangers

The Casso® J Hangers are specially designed to work with the Casso® Display Rail paper organizer. It’s the way to combine paper display with the option to hang small items such as necklaces!


Trendy and Secure. The weight capacity per J Hanger is 2.2 lb.


Try it, and you will love it

Explore our Picture Hanging Systems build of tracks, cables and hooks.

We offer picture hanging hardware for your residential, commercial and institutional projects.

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