Strongest Hooks for Your Heavy Wall Hangings

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When you have heavy objects to hang, be it large paintings, framed mirrors, or large wall objects, your hooks have a heavy load to carry. The correct hook to support an item you wish to display may be determined by the type of object, as well as its weight. AS Hanging Display Systems offers several hooks capable of providing the needed support. Note, while we refer to these as hooks, some refer to such hardware fittings as wall hangers, while others refer to them as grippers. Let's review our strongest hook(s) compatible with cables and again with rod hooks.

Our strongest cable-compatible hook is the Secure Gripper Hook

Secure Gripper Hook Photo Secure Gripper Hook Image

This hook incorporates an internal mechanism that operates automatically when a cable/cord is inserted. It is our most convenient and capable hook. Simply insert the end of a cable into the top of the hook and pass the cable into the hook assembly. The hook will snuggly grasp the cable and slide up the cable with little friction. Where you leave it, it will stay until you decide to relocate the hook on the cable. To do so, simply compress the top button (grey) towards the hook body (black). The Secure Gripper Hook will now move up and down the cable with ease. When you stop depressing the top button, the internal self-gripping mechanism will again take hold.

Note, while we mention both cables and cords in the above paragraph, the rest of this discussion will only refer to cables because this article is about high-strength solutions, and nylon cords cannot measure up to steel cables in this regard.

Changing the placement of the hook can be done with one hand, easily sliding the hook when it is behind a large or heavy object. This is a very beneficial design, which you will quickly appreciate in use. Without this feature most any minor adjustment would likely require two people, one to support the object while a second manipulates the hook/gripper. Imagine doing that while standing on a ladder or elevated platform.

With a 40 lb. load capacity, the Secure Gripper Hook will provide enough support for most objects. Should your object be heavier than 40 lbs., simply add a second cable and hook. Instead of setting one centrally located behind a frame, for example, you would place one cable behind both of the left and right sides of the frame. With each Secure Gripper Hook capable of supporting 40 lbs. you would now have a capacity of 80 lbs. When using the Wall Track in conjunction with this hook and cable combination, multiple cables and hooks may be implemented, since a 6-foot track weight capacity is 300 lbs.

In most applications, the Secure Gripper Hook and steel cable will exceed your load requirements. However, when an application falls outside these parameters, you may transition to Rods (in lieu of Cables) and our Gallery Classic Hook (instead of the above Secure Gripper Hook).

Our strongest rod-compatible hook is the Gallery Classic Hook

Gallery Classic Hook Photo

Either combination is compatible with our Wall Track, for example. The Gallery Classic Hook, similar to the Secure Gripper Hook, is designed to gently grip a rod while being moved into place. However, once you have determined the correct placement, and introduced the art piece to the hook, the hook locks into position. The internal cam-action locking mechanism is stout. The Gallery Classic Hook will carry a load up to 110 pounds, matching the capacity of a stainless steel rod. Paired with an aluminum rod the combination is rated for 70 lbs. As we mentioned above, if you require additional weight capacity you may add a second vertical element. A pair of rods and two Gallery Classic Hooks used in combination offer weight capacity of 140 lb. and 220 lbs. for aluminum and stainless rods, respectively.

Be aware that while this discussion is based around the Gallery Classic Hook, there is a closely related rod hook that offers the same weight capacity and convenience, but adds an additional design benefit, security. That is our Secure Gallery Classic Hook.

When displaying your heavy wall hangings, implement one of our strongest wall hooks to support your heavy weight requirements. For further information about the hooks mentioned in this post, please visit Secure Gripper Hook and Gallery Classic Hook or Secure Gallery Classic Hook. If you have questions about weight limits, be sure to download our free Weight Guide as a convenient reference tool.

Do you have a story about a strong (or not strong enough!) wall hook installation you have tried? We would love to hear it! 

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free).

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