A Two-in-One Wall Organizer

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When we buy a bulletin board or wall organizer, we think about displaying papers, lists, photos, etc. If you try to hang a cap on a thumbtack on corkboards, the result is likely for it to end up on the floor almost immediately. In addition, corkboards are not very ‘’sexy’’, not to mention their dangerous side due to thumbtacks and pins.

So which paper organizer can be stylish, secure, and combine paper display with the option to hang caps, jewelry, face covers, decorations, and more?

The solution: The Casso® Display Rail and the Casso J Hook !

You are probably familiar with the Casso® display Rail, a paper organizer that revolutionized old corkboards and thumbtack use? The Casso rail is elegant, easy to install and used by young and old, and mixes well with any decor. Whether your environment is a school, an office, home, kitchen, children's room, hotel rooms or a hospital, the possibilities are endless! What makes the Casso display rail such a great asset is when Casso J Hooks are added! Imagine ... In the entrance of your home or office, you can hang caps, keys, sunglasses, bicycle helmet, face covers, while sliding shopping lists, mail, business cards right next to them. A paper organizer become key holder and so much more!

Hang your jewelry, masks, hair ties, the t-shirt to put on the next day, or your children’s sandals thanks to the Casso J Hook. All this without forgetting their drawings, homework, and your magazines displayed on the same wall organizer!

You have a collection of caps ... the Casso J Hook is there for you! You want to tidy up your garage and have a pair of pliers and a chisel close at hand while displaying the dog house plans you want to build? The Casso Display Rail and its sidekick, the Casso J Hook will fulfill all these wishes!

For the office and a creative planning, it is the ultimate wall display rail to reduce the workspace clutter. You will be able to better organize your workday and priorities, always have everyone's phone numbers sets in front of you, etc. Display your family photos, animals, or your loved ones. With the Casso J Hooks, hang your headphones, decoration, etc.

You work in a hotel and want to tidy up the desk found in all the rooms: install a Casso Display Rail and insert all the papers such as menus, entertainment and tourism pamphlets, etc.

Hospitals love to install this wall organizer in patient rooms to display get well cards and other useful papers. The Casso Display Rail helps make the room environment much cleaner.

The Casso Display Rail and the Casso J Hook are the perfect solutions! Trying is adopting!