Cable System

Cable System
Cable System

A cable-based solution deployed from commercial strength open-faced track mounted to either a wall or ceiling. And now there is an optional drywall reveal that makes this a wall reveal system. Use either transparent nylon, or stronger steel cables. The hanging cable system is the perfect picture hanging solution for art displays, and particularly in galleries and museums, since these rails can support 300 lbs per track length. The use of cables for hanging pictures is less obtrusive than rods, which are also compatible with these tracks. The open face track design makes this system more convenient than our more discreet systems when used in rapidly changing decors. Either nylon or steel cables may be used with this system for wire hanging pictures.

As mentioned above, we now offer a drywall molding that is both our most discreet and strongest general purpose track. Of all the currently available drywall reveals, it is the only molding that was designed both as a reveal and as a commercial display system track.

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