How to Hang Plates on the Wall

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How to Hang Plates on the Wall

Hanging art plates, collectable plates, and vintage tableware on walls is quite a challenge because these items do not have attachment points, as does a typical framed art. So, How to hang plates on the wall? Problem solved with AS Hanging's Plate Wall Hanger. It is designed to grasp these sorts of fragile pieces. However, less common, the grasping fingers of our Plate Wall Hanger are covered with vinyl sleeves to cushion your heirlooms and to avoid chipping delicate edges.


Plate Wall HangerPlate Wall Hanger

Plate Wall HangerPlate Wall Hanger

Efficient, discreet and safe

The Plate Wall Hanger is hook over the edge of the plates and the springs are stretch so it will hold the plate securely in position.The Plate Wall Hanger will comfortably span a flat or curved surface that is as small as 8 inches wide and will stretch up to 12 inches. The Plate Wall Hanger, because of its spring action, easily adjusts to objects that are not flat at all. The unique design of our Plate Wall Hanger is almost invisible from the front. Easy to use and hold tightly to the plate without fear of it slipping out.


The entire assembly is attached to one of our Picture Hanging Systems.

No more nails: Picture Hanging Systems

 The most valuable trait of using a gallery hanging system to hang plates and collectibles is the ability to change your display without damaging your wall surfaces. Collectors are always adding pieces and changing their displays to accommodate their new find.


With AS Hanging Systems' display fittings you have the liberty to change your display every day if you wish. It's so easy to move the plates around and there is never a hole caused by damaging nails and traditional wall hangers. Never mind all the patching, sanding and painting you will avoid. Such are the benefits of hanging art without nails. Spend more of your time collecting and sharing your objects. And less time playing handyman.

All-In-One Click Rail KitAll-In-One Click Rail Kit

Plate Wall HangerPlate Wall Hanger

Happiness is on the plate!

While the Greeks have a dramatic tradition of celebratory breaking of plates at festivals or weddings, protecting plates is our objective. If you implement such an approach to hanging plates or ceramic art in your home, office or gallery, please share photos with us.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free).

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