Hanging a single piece of framed art is typically straightforward. While there can be certain aspects to consider when hanging solo pieces, the tactical aspects usually arise when attempting to hang multiple pieces in a vertical format on a single cable or rod. One of these is the Teeter-Totter Effect.

The Problem - Frames Teeter-Totter Side to Side

Occasionally, there are instances where a frame will hang from a cable with one lower corner contacting the wall and the other lifting off the wall. Most of the time this dynamic occurs when multiple frames are hanging above one another from a single cable/rod. All but the lowest in the column of frames will exhibit this teeter-totter effect.

Eliminate picture frame teeter-totter in vertical hanging format by ashanging.com.Side view of picture frame teeter-totter by ashanging.com

The Solutions

Have no fear. The Teeter-Totter effect is quite easy to correct.
There are two actions that can be taken to minimize this hanging dilemma.

#1 - Frame Stabilizer

Add a Frame Stabilizer, compatible with your cable or rod, to all the frames in the vertical stack. The frames will behave nicely after this adjustment.

Teeter Totter Frame stabilizer on single cable by ashanging.com.

#2 - Two Cables/Rods

Substitute 2 cables/rods, one at each of the left and right frame side-rails, in place of the single centered one. 

Eliminate teeter-totter frames using 2 cables with bumpers added to the lowest frame by AS Hanging Display Systems.

Note that this approach only works when all the frames in the vertical stack have the same left/right dimension. Additionally, add Bumpers to the bottom corners of the lowest frame.

Understanding how to hang multiple frames in a vertical format, either using frame stabilizers or 2 cables/rods with bumpers on the lowest picture, allows you to create a wall gallery or art display that looks professional and pleasing. The teeter-totter effect is no more.

What art hanging challenges have you encountered?

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