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  1. World Peace

    World Peace
    Let's celebrate this day by spreading compassion, kindness and hope. Every year, the International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world on September 21.
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  2. World Youth Day

    World Youth Day
    AS Hanging is proud to encourage young people to generate new ideas and innovative projects. Let us work together to support the development of youth empowerment. Hang with the Best®!
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  3. Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day!
    July 1 is a day of national celebrations! Enjoy this great day with celebrations and fireworks! Make this special day even more enjoyable! Let us unite and share Canadians’ pride
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  4. Nurses Day

    Nurses Day
    Today we are celebrating the International Nurses day! We would like to take a moment and thank our Amazing Superheroes and all the healthcare professionals in this time of Covid-19 crisis.
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  5. Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day
    Mothers Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, and maternal bonds. Create the most loving wall decor filled with family pictures or kid’s artworks!
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  6. World Art Day

    World Art Day
    Art helps bringing people together, inspiring and sharing. Our art hanging systems highlight the artist’s masterpieces and beautify every kid’s crafts, arts, etc.
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    Easter is just around the corner, bringing joy, chocolate and happy memories to share with your family and friends. We offer hanging and display systems to display photos and easter crafts.
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  8. Happy International Women's Day!

    Happy International Women's Day!
    Give to the women of your life the strength to dream, to reach their goals, to realize their full potential. Inspire your family, your community. We applaud equality for women in workplaces, etc.
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  9. International Day of Education – January, 24th

    International Day of Education – January, 24th
    In 2020, we learned that education is a priority just like health. Today, let us realize the potential of education and congratulate all those who are involved!
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  10. World Generosity Day December 1st

    World Generosity Day December 1st
    Giving Tuesday. Give time, money, food, blood, or just a smile. As the Holiday’s approach, it’s time to encourage charities. We offers 10% discount to charities and non profit organizations.
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  11. World Quality Day on November 12

    World Quality Day on November 12
    At AS Hanging Display Systems, quality is part of all areas of the business. Meeting everyone's needs by offering top quality products has been an institution with us since our very beginnings!
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