World Creativity and Innovation Day

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We are all creative

Creativity and innovation are intimately linked. Every day, we are all creative at different levels, on different subjects.


Launched in 2002 by Canadian Marci Segal, this day of celebration aims to encourage people to use their creativity at home, at work and in their other activities.

Creative Art StudioCreative Art Studio

Be InspiredBe Inspired

Creative and innovative solutions

At AS Hanging Systems we love to innovate! Our hanging and display solutions are designed to help you solve problems, but also to create! To create beautiful settings, atmospheres, events, and memories.

Whether you want to hang pictures on the wall, create a division in your workspace, or solve a display problem in your business, we have a hanging system to match your vision!

Tools to support creativity

The emergence of creative and innovative solutions is a team effort! We work with our clients to meet their needs and to find the right product to solve their dilemmas.


Most importantly, we create new products based on the demands of our valued customers. We are inspired by their creativity.


Thank you to all our present and future clients for these wonderful moments of complicity and creativity.

Built-In TracksBuilt-In Tracks

AS Hanging Benefits


Lets you replace your pictures, or change their disposition, in a heartbeat!


Once installed, the AS Hanging rail tracks will stay in place, steady and sturdy.


The AS Hanging rail tracks can support up to 50 pounds per linear foot.


Our rail tracks leave your walls untouched, with no holes to patch.