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AS Hanging Display Systems is proud to reveal its new web site at In the history of the company this is the third major overhaul and our most aggressive one to date. It is based on a completely new platform and sets the company up for category leadership on the web, well into the next decade. Of course there are many technical advances under the hood, but unless you are a web developer these might sound like so much gibberish. So lets instead investigate the face of the site and how navigation has been transformed.

3 Easy Steps

3 Easy Steps

Hanging systems are little understood or often misunderstood. To make shopping for an art hanging system easier for the uninitiated, the new web site offers three easy steps for selecting the components that will best serve that visitor. The fist step is to select the method by which the system will be mounted, be that a track, a pier or standoff, or via a hanger. Step 2 is to select the vertical elements that best meet your needs and are compatible with step 1. Lastly, in step 3, the visitor chooses hook, fittings and accessories that complete the system.

This 3-step process is incorporated deeply into the new site. Another entry point into the mechanism is also built into the main navigation bar at the top of every page.

3-step process into the main navigation bar

Lastly, as a visitor navigates through the site and investigates various products it may be easy for some to loose track of where they are in the 3-step process. To address that potential, each item level page features an interactive graphical element that acts as a guide and live link to the next, as well as prior, step. Below is photo of such an element from step 2.

Easy 1-2-3 steps guide

Shop by Inspiration

Many shoppers prefer to see how others have used products under consideration. After all, this is the main driving force behind magazine and web sites in fashion, travel, design, interior décor and cooking. Here a prospective user can gain inspiration from what others have done before them. acknowledges this dynamic in the new web site.

Filter application at

The company offers 48 inspirational photographs within the section of the website called "Shop by Inspiration". Within this section the user may filter and review some of AS Hanging and Display Systems' most dramatic prior installations. Drilling down into any one of them allow the user to review an "X-ray Illustration", which reveal where the companies products are used in the application photography. Next the company's actually are identified.

X-ray Illustrations

If the visitor is satisfied that is the path they want to follow in their installation, one further click will take them to a mini shopping cart that is pre-populated with these items. All they need to do is make modest decisions about color and quantity, for example, and they are virtually ready to complete their order.

Where Pros Specify

The new web site also offers a single location where architects, designers and construction professional may locate everything they could possibly need to incorporate the company’s products into a commercial, residential or institutional building project.

One stop for all things A&D Pros

This page includes links to continued education, specs, BIM models a large cache of reference documents including installation guides and videos ... and much more.

We are very proud of the new web site and it is just the beginning of developments we will continue to make. We aim to push our industry into broader acceptance in both the residential and commercial markets and as the leader of this segment it may be reliant upon AS Hanging and Display Systems to once again lead the way.