World Peace

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Think collectively a world peace


Every year, the International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world on September 21. This year, we all have a common enemy: the tireless Covid-19 virus which threatens our health, our safety, and our way of life.


COVID-19 reminded us that we are all equal as human beings in the face of a pandemic, but also that by putting our efforts together and by respecting common basic rules of life, all together we will overcome this ordeal.


Solidarity and cooperation are essential in the various human struggles whether against Covid-19 or violence in general. Today we are building a new world, and all want it to be peaceful and prosperous.

Covid-19 Protection KitsCovid-19 Protection Kits

Safety and FunctionalitySafety and Functionality
Covid-19 ProtectionCovid-19 Protection

Let’s dream together today of a better and healthy world

AS Hanging Display Systems has put together a few solutions to create a barrier between the customer and the employee to protect both from direct contact during the current COVID-19 pandemic. A professional, quick and easy install for all retail environments, stores, clinics, and much more.


We propose a variety of solutions to hang plexiglass sheets or acrylic panels from ceilings. Perfect for schools, hospitals, restaurants, airports, retails, parkings, commercial business, etc. Recommended by leading experts.

Let's celebrate this day by spreading compassion, kindness and hope.