Wire Cutters

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Wire Cutters


You purchased galvanized steel or stainless steel cables from our store or from our website. You might have purchased Cables slightly longer than you need, or you must cut excess Cable length on the bottom Tensioners of your Tracks or Piers of your Tensioned System.  Of course, if your cables are too long, you can also roll the excess length in a coil and hide it in the back of your suspended object. This will allow you have that extra length for a smaller item, or one you need suspended lower.


You will need pliers to cut steel cables, but be careful because the cable or wire cutters sold in hardware stores are designed to cut copper or soft steel wire. They do a very poor job of cutting stainless steel cables. If you try to cut our sturdy cables with these inexpensive wire cutters, you will quickly experience the disappointment of cables breaking as they are made of seven strands of seven strands of steel wire spun together. Yes, you read correctly, the Cables are 7 X 7 strands. This composition makes them extremely strong cables to support your framed art, photo frame, wall decoration. Therefore, to avoid fraying, you must use the premium pliers and specialized glue provided by AS Hanging Display Systems included in this Cable Trim Kit.


This kit is specially designed to help you make professional cuts in AS Hanging Display Systems’ steel cables.


Now you can accomplish your installations with quality and success thanks to the best wire cutters on the market!

Steel Cable Composition - AS Hanging Display SystemsSteel Cable Composition - AS Hanging Display Systems
Steel Cable Composition, 7 x 7 Strands

Cable Trim Kit - AS Hanging Display SystemsCable Trim Kit - AS Hanging Display Systems