William, 10 - Part #1 in Covid-19 Containment

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My name is Rachel, I am the mother of William, 10 years old, who wanted to practice his writing during the difficult period that we are currently experiencing in this time of global crisis. He wanted to submit his text to AS Hanging Display Systems who inspired him to do so. I gave him my permission; you will find his first blog below.

He also asked us to write down and publish his impressions of the hanging products.

You will discover them soon.



Hello, my name is William and I am ten years old. For the past 10 days, I have been confined to my home because of the Covid-19 virus that is affecting the whole planet. To occupy my time, because I can no longer go to school or even play at the park with my friends, I started creating a comic book.

During the creation of my cartoon, I lost some sheets and I crumpled up a few pages by accidentally sitting on them. I was quite sad not to be able to display some of these or even to protect them while I as creating my characters. .

I talked about it with my parents at dinner time and they found the perfect solution for me and my art: the Casso Display Rail! They ordered it over the Internet at AS Hanging Display Systems (www.ashanging.com).

We received it quickly and were able to install it very easily.

My dad's office


My father even ordered one for his home office ("Because of Covid-19" he said), and a third for my mother's recipes to hang under the kitchen cabinets. She laughed a lot and seems very pleased. We each chose a different color as well: I chose black, my mom got the white and my father Paul preferred the design side of silver satin.

My comic book


Anyways, back to my comic book, which is slowly evolving! Now, the Casso Display Rail allows me to exhibit all my other drawings and my kid artwork! So, I can go to work and draw my cats and lots of things that inspire me.

I am very happy to no longer have to use blue gum or thumbtacks that break the walls or my room. And Mom doesn’t like to remove a blue wall sticker either!

Mom's artwork


Also, Dad ordered Click Rails to display Mom’s artwork in the living room. She paints in the basement at night when I go to sleep.

I find them just ok, but I don't tell her, I don't want to hurt her feelings. Dad will install them this week… I can again talk to you about them soon!

He thinks he can put one in my room and hang a mirror (I’d like to lol) and also some pictures painted by mom ... I hope she’ll give me the one she painted of our cats!

See you soon,