What’s your Plan B

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What's your plan B

An emergency solution, alternative means or a second possibility when the first has already failed. Generally, we speak of plan B as a dangerous, perilous, unfortunate, annoying situation. So much for the literary definition.

Now, in real life today, what is your Plan B? Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has been raging for months, businesses and individuals have had to equip themselves with a Plan B quickly! Sheets of plexiglass and acrylic were actively installed in spring-summer 2020.

The important thing was to be able to reopen businesses while protecting the population and following government directives. What is your Plan B for these rushed installations today? Are your Plexiglass sheets hung securely as not to not injure a customer or employee by falling from the ceiling? Is the acrylic sheet aesthetically hung or drilled randomly and suspended with flimsy wires?


Today, we can review our Plans B and choose a safe, efficient, and aesthetic hanging system. Discover here the hanging solutions for all types of solid or suspended ceilings. For a decent and efficient installation, the Classic Ceiling Track can support panels up to 300 pounds. The Piers are aesthetic, economical and safe to support your acrylic sheets. Click here for the brilliant and flexible solution for suspended ceilings is the Drop Ceiling Hanger T-bar which installs along the entire length of the T-bars. You can remove it or relocate it without ever damaging the tiles of your suspended ceiling!

For businesses, clinics, etc., which prefer glass quality, our Top Clamps are specially designed to support tempered glass panels. Safe, economical and design solution.

Today, your Plan B is us! It is a safe, design and efficient art cable hanging system! Invest in the future with smart picture hanging solutions ! Hang with the Best®!