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Acrylic Pocket Displays Create Perfect Window Display

Setting up a clean and efficient visual merchandising is easy with our Tensioned Systems - Acrylic Pockets.


Create a smart-looking and perfectly proportioned displays that offer ease of frequent picture or paper changes.

Easy to insert paper in & outEasy to insert paper in & out

Acrylic Pocket Letter PortraitAcrylic Pocket Letter Portrait
Acrylic Pocket Letter LandscapeAcrylic Pocket Letter Landscape
Acrylic Pocket Tabloid PortraitAcrylic Pocket Tabloid Portrait
Acrylic Pocket Tabloid LandscapeAcrylic Pocket Tabloid Landscape

Our Acrylic Pockets uses Piers or Rails to suspend acrylic pockets on a cable system to show an endless number of displays or exhibits.

The Acrylic Pockets feature a live area of 8.5 x 11 inches, your photos and information sheets can be displayed in either a portrait or a landscape format.

There is a second size as well. The larger tabloid-sized Acrylic Pockets, benefit from a larger 11 x 17 inches live area.

Each pocket, no matter which size or orientation, allows paper documents to be inserted via an opening at the top, like a hanging file folder. Each also incorporates mounting tabs on both the left and right edge. These are used to mount the acrylic display pockets to display cables.

The pockets also allow retail window display to be double-sided. Simply insert paper materials back-to-back and you instantly benefit from a store window display that can be viewed from either side, and, at no extra cost.


However, such displays are not limited to store front displays. You can create a nice display in a public area or waiting room. Very effective!

For Retails, Agencies, etc.For Retails, Agencies, etc.

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