How to Hang Posters Without Frames

Whether it is wall art poster for your living room or office to brighten up your living space or your teenager's movie posters, wall hanging a poster is difficult without damaging walls. We have solutions for wall hanging any posters in an attractive way without blue stickers, tacks, or staples... Wall or Ceiling Picture Hanging Systems will meet your needs.

The Poster Hanger offered by AS Hanging Systems will never damage your posters and will enhance their presentation. This is very important for vintage posters! Install Wall or Ceiling Tracks, attach a steel cable or nylon cord from these tracks and let the Poster Hanger do its job! Click Here To Discover this Smart Solution!


Poster HangerPoster Hanger

Poster HangerPoster Hanger
Poster hangerPoster hanger

The Poster Hanger display movie posters, music posters, art posters, etc., from any of our rod or cable-based systems. Simply open the hinged top-rail and insert the top edge of movie posters for example. Then close the top rail. Repeat the same process with the bottom rail on the bottom of the poster. Now attach the Poster Hanger to our wall hanging systems using a compatible hook. Adjust the height of the hooks to your preference. It is that easy! The Poster Hanger is available in four sizes to accommodate almost any custom posters sizes of up to 40 inches in width. Rails are coated with a clean satin anodized finish to compliment most interior design concepts.


Your teenagers can hang all their movie posters, from Star Wars to their favorite actors! Since their tastes change quickly, they will be able to replace any posters without difficulty, without asking for your help and especially without damaging any of the walls. 

Now you have your solution to the wall hanging question:
How to Hang Posters without Frames!

Poster HangerPoster Hanger