Readers and visitors have their own reasons to consider using hanging system hardware in their building, residence or project. However, most of these reasons fall into a small number of categories, the main one most likely is overcoming the challenges of placing objects on difficult walls. Difficult wall applications may include curved walls, walls made of masonry or glass, or simply walls with an elaborate finish that are impossible, or extremely costly, to repair if damaged. In this blog entry, we will explore the first of these: curved walls. Depending on the radius of the curve, hanging art on such walls may be problematic. There could be a large gap behind the center of a framed piece when hanging from a concave surface, or one that bows inward. This could be further exaggerated by a small wall-radius, a wide frame or conventional hanging hardware.

Contempo System by AS Hanging Systems, in a tensioned cable manor, smartly creates an architectural office “brag wall” on this curved wall surface

Alternatively, a small convex wall-radius, or one that bows outward, a wide picture frame, and conventional hanging techniques could cause both the left and right edges of the frame to fly free from the wall. In this application photo, our Contempo® Track was used in a tensioned manner. While this large radius wall is not particularly challenging, the art hangs nicely and gracefully follows the curved wall.

Contempo System Track deployed on a curved wall

As you can see from this application, using our Contempo System provides the solution to one of the most difficult hanging projects, creating a beautiful wall display on curved walls. And when your project is complete, don't forget to submit some photos to our Customer's Corner. We'll even provide monetary compensation if we're able to use your photos in our photo gallery.

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