What's the weight capacity of a Hanging System?

Knowing the correct weight capacity of your hanging system is critical to creating a proper design, but also to ensuring that your beautiful display will remain beautiful where you place it. In this photo, four popular tracks are shown. From left to right they are referred to as Classic Wall Track, Classic Ceiling Track, Click Rail Track, Contempo Track®.

There is a sizeable difference between the rated weight capacity of each of these tracks. The Classic Wall Track will support 300 lbs., Classic Ceiling track is rated for 150 lbs., the Click Rail Track is rated at 120lbs. while the Contempo Track will support 75 lbs. within each length of track. These data may also be referred to as the weight each length of track can safely support along its length, typically six feet.

These capacities are large enough to meet the needs of almost any building application, however, we also make a specialized track for extreme applications that will support up to 1100 lbs. per ten-foot length.

Be aware that most wall objects seem heavier than their actual weight. The way to be certain is to simply weigh the object. It is important to note that these are the rated weight capacities for tracks. Each vertical member and fitting also has a rating, and these must be taken into consideration when creating the right hanging system for your project.

We also offer a Weight Support Guide, which goes into considerably more detail regarding aspects of suspending weight from our hanging systems. It also offers work-arounds for when your application extends beyond our published standards. 

For more information about our hanging systems tracks, please visit ASHanging.com. For more detailed information about a specific track, please visit Classic Wall Track, Classic Ceiling Track, Click Rail Track, Contempo Track. 

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