How to Hang Mirror on Wall

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Mirrors Have Many Virtues in Interior Design

They say that mirrors are a reflection of reality. They reflect and magnify all aspects of our home. Mirrors have many virtues in interior design. In addition to offering a very practical reflection to adjust your outfit or check your makeup, a beautiful reflective surface tends to enlarge the room, but also to increase the luminosity and to decorate the interior. In short, a mirror can become a real ally.


How to hang mirror on wall? The location of a mirror in the house should be considered. Indeed, if you want to give volume to a room or bring in light, you must place your mirrors facing a window or any other light source. Pay attention to where you put your mirror, for example placing a mirror in front of the entrance door can scare you. In front of the restroom is not adequate. If a pretty mirror is a decorative element, we must not forget that its number one role is to allow you to look at yourself!

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Adjust Your Set Up

To give a room some height, place your mirrors vertically, and if you have a narrow room in your home, place them widthwise on the narrower wall to make it visually larger. Thus, a bedroom, living room or entrance mirror should not be hung on the wall in any way: before fixing a mirror, remember that it is advisable that the center of your mirror arrives at more or less 5 ft off the ground!


The advantage with a picture rail hanging system is that you can infinity adjust your set up to with ease and speed. Simply slide the cable from left to right on the chosen rail and the hook from top to bottom on the cable.

Move it Left & Right / Up & Down

For example, you can place a mirror a few feet off the floor in your child’s bedroom or bathroom so that little ones can see themselves while getting dressed or brushing their teeth.


Thanks to the hanging system and the hook that slides up and down the cable, you can adjust the height of the mirror as your children grow older.

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How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

The wide variety of types of mirrors that exist makes us ask ourselves on how to hang a heavy mirror. Hanging systems are your solution! Some tracks, like the Classic Wall Track, support over 300 pounds! By using two stainless steel cables or aluminum or stainless-steel rods, you will have the answer too. How to hang a heavy mirror! And this without stress or difficulty! You can then change your decorations according to fashions and your tastes without ever damaging your walls!


Our hanging systems are completely secure, and you will have peace of mind hanging and displaying your mirrors.

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