Happy World Teachers Day

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Craftsmen of the present and builders of the future

Almost everybody has a favorite teacher, someone who went above and beyond to encourage you because they could see your potential.


On October 5, take time to celebrate World Teachers’ Day—a global event launched by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994.

Hang with the Best®Hang with the Best®

Covid-19 ProtectionCovid-19 Protection

The COVID-19 pandemic poses new challenges for education systems and calls for rethinking the way teachers teach and work. They reflect resilience for our little ones, while being the builders of their future.


Several products have been developed to hang plexiglass and other protective panels to protect children and teachers from the transmission of Covid-19. Ceiling rails for all types of ceilings and Drop Ceiling Hangers for suspended ceilings are available for schools and especially for everyone’s safety.

Wall Organizer for All Teachers and Students

Teachers work hard to help young people learn and grow. At AS Hanging Systems we work hand in hand with several schools across America and the world to develop and create safe and constructive environments by providing safe, high quality hanging and display products.


The Casso® Display Rail is the preferred wall organizer for all teachers and students for quick and easy display of projects, crafts and assignments in classrooms and hallways.


Design, safe and practical, the Casso® Rail installs quickly, is easy to use and is safe because you don’t need tacks or pushpins. Plus, it matches any decor!

Little Picasso Shines with Casso® RailLittle Picasso Shines with Casso® Rail

To teach is to help children realize their dreams of a better world. We congratulate and thank all the teachers!

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