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Top-Bottom Clamps do not interact with a cable, only with the top edge via a through-hole of the tempered glass between on which it attaches. Sister product of Top Clamps.


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  • Finish : Anodized Machined Aluminum
  • Weight Capacity : 150 lb (68 kg) per attachment
  • Compatible with : Steel Cable
  • Panel/Object Type : Rigid Panels (Sintra - Metal Sheet - Wood - etc.)
  • Hook Activation : Manually Activated

Top-Bottom Clamps do not interact with a cable – only with the two panels between on which it attaches. These are a sister product for our Top Clamps. Like the Top Clamps, they are designed to present tempered glass panels by grasping the top edges of the panel via through-holes. Also similar to Top Clamps, they are not limited to tempered glass panels as all sorts of materials may be professionally presented in the same professional manner.

At the bottom of a panel, simply attach a Top-Bottom Clamp to a set of prepared holes. Then you are ready to attach a second panel below the prior one.

The clamp is equipped with set-screws that must pass through the panels. Four bushings are supplied if glass is being suspended and to protect the tempered glass from the metal screw. The design of this fitting is optimized for suspending monolithic glass in a vertical orientation.

We offer Top-Bottom Clamps in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large The small size is compatible with monolithic tempered glass sheet of 5/32" (4 mm) and 3/16" (5 mm) thick, the medium size is compatible with ¼" (6 mm) and the Large is compatible with 5/16” (8 mm) and 3/8” (10 mm).The same would be true where you would use the supplied bushings to protect the panel of some other easy to chip substrate. When bushings are not required, the small and medium sized Top-Bottom Clamps are compatible with panels of most any substrate up to 9/32" (7.15 mm) and 5/16" (8.0 mm) thick, respectively. The large will hold items of up to 1/2 without Bushings. See downloadable documents below, for more compatibility dimensions.

All supplied screws are made of stainless steel for years of service with no maintenance issues.

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  • SKU H307x
  • Material Aluminum
  • Finish Anodized Machined Aluminum
  • Capabilities Earthquake Mitigation, Anti-Theft
  • Weight Capacity 150 lb (68 kg) per attachment
  • Compatible with Steel Cable
  • Panel/Object Type Rigid Panels (Sintra - Metal Sheet - Wood - etc.)
  • Cable Location Cables terminate at top of Panels
  • Hook Activation Manually Activated
  • Product Patented Patented
  • Product Patent Number D840,217
  • Legacy Systems Families Cable System
Top-Bottom Clamp Spec Sheet
Glass Panels (use supplied bushings*).
See Compatibility Guide for panel thicknesses.
Min:. 5/32 in.
Max:. 3/16 in.
1/4 in.
Non-glass Panels (without bushings).
See Compatibility Guide for panel thicknesses.
Min: 1/16
Max:. 9/32 in.
Min:. 1/4 in.
Max:. 5/16 in.
Through-Hole Diameter and Placement.
See Design Bulletin for reference dimensions
w/Bushing: 3/8 in.
w/o Bushing: 3/16 in.

*Bushing must be used with any glass panels. Bushings may be used with other panel substrates where it is desired to avoid the metallic screw from contacting the panel.

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