Tensioned Cable System

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Sophisticated Engineered Appearance

The Tensioned Cable System offers a sleek, architectural impact and engineered appearance that allows displayed items to float in front of a wall surface, tensioned between the ceiling and the floor. Using specialized cable picture hanging system, the stainless-steel cable is attached from an upper track down to a lower track, or alternately, between pairs of standoffs, allowing the cable to be tensioned between the upper and lower points. The result is a sophisticated, modern look that features parallel cables running from above to below the hanging object and the cables.

Tensioned Cable System


Clean and Organized Display

Tension Cable Picture Hanging System hardware can be used to add tension to any of AS Hanging cable systems. Alternatively, you can use our standoff components, in place of tracks to create a clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing display. The display cable picture hanging system is recommended if you are looking to create a permanently mounted display.

Tensioned Cable System


Artistic-Edge Displays

Ideal uses include window merchandizing, visual space dividers, directional signage, art, municipal announcements or even café menus. If you plan to reposition your cables and rods frequently, a track system is your best bet.

The Tension Cable Picture Hanging System allows you to create displays with an artistic edge, which will complement most commercial construction, office buildings and contemporary spaces.

Tensioned Cable System

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