Art helps bringing people together, inspiring and sharing.

Today, we want to highlight the powers of art and its importance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Amateur and professional artists were inspired by the health crisis, wanted to help others by the colors and creativity.

Ideas are popping up everywhere.


AS invites everyone to communicate their love of art and share it with as many people as possible.

Be InspiredBe Inspired

All-in-one Click Rail TrackAll-in-one Click Rail Track
Click Rail Track KitClick Rail Track Kit

Let your arts shine with our picture hanging systems!

Our art hanging systems highlight the artist’s masterpieces. Discreet and offer in a lot of finishes, our picture hanging rails come to beautify every kid’s crafts, arts, etc. Art nurtures creativity, innovation, and cultural diversity.

We encourage diversity of artistic expressions!

Wonderful school’s arts

In schools, Casso® Display Rails help the little Picasso to shine securely and easily. Casso paves the way to greater kid’s exhibitions and proudness. Design, safe for young and old, easy to install and use, this wall organizer is the green solution!


Simply install Casso® Display Rails in hallways, classrooms, administrative offices to display crafts, photos, assignments, work documents, etc., easily and without tacks or staples that damage walls.


In the older days, bulletin boards and cork boards had this function, but they are so easily stained, deteriorate quickly and each change of board requires a repair of the walls and often a new coat of paint!


With the Casso® Wall Organizer you will never need to fix or repair walls again, the rails are permanent, effective and blend in with the decor.

Casso® Display RailsCasso® Display Rails
Transform Hallways in ExhibitTransform Hallways in Exhibit

Hang on for a Green WorldHang on for a Green World

We encourage a green world for each artist.

We develop versatile and easy-to-use art hanging systems.

At AS we encourage and help environment where artists are promoted and protected. We strongly believe at AS Hanging Display Systems that we can help people reduce their environmental footprint by embracing sustainable hanging and display systems.

By installing a wall or ceiling hanging rail, any painting, wall decoration or object is suspended by a cable and a hook that do not damage the walls.

Because your walls matter

The environmental solution is picture hanging systems. Made of high-quality recycled aluminum, the Tracks sold by AS Hanging Display Systems are sturdy, safe and stylish. By installing a wall or ceiling hanging system, you can hang framed art, wall decorations, etc. without ever damaging the walls because you will no longer have to hammer in nails, tacks, wall hooks, etc.


The Tracks are securely anchored to the top of the wall or ceiling, the discreet steel cables hang anywhere along the length of the 6-foot track and can be moved from left to right with a flick of the wrist. Then the hook that is inserted on the cable can be adjusted up and down as many times as desired.


AS Hanging Display Systems wants to make an environmental difference, today and for the future of our children. Your walls and the environment will thank you!

Follow the curveFollow the curve

There is much to learn, share and celebrate on World Art Day, and AS Hanging Display Systems encourage everyone to share their stories on our Facebook Pages or Google.