Training Day


Back to school is upon us. Summer is ending soon. End of year celebrations will soon be organized. We took advantage of drinks on the side of the pool, meals on the terrace, supper with friends, etc. We have often told ourselves that it is okay to put on a little weight while having so much fun exaggerating on the finer things in life. Now, those extra pounds have to disappear with a vigorous training.

As we approach the first training day and this new way of life, we must organize ourselves! In addition to getting the equipment we need for training, we also need to find exercises and a workout plan suited to our body and its limitations. The fitness plan is the crucial step when training without a professional advisor.


Workout Plan Display Bar

Next, you will need to find a workout space so you don't have to carry the weights back and forth or lose your worksheets or training programs. The ideal tool for displaying your workout plan is without a doubt the paper organizer from AS Hanging Systems: the Casso® Display Rail.

Easy to install and use, you can display your fitness plan, goals, etc., and change them as you grow physically and mentally. You will love its modern and discreet design that blends into any living space.

Different from all bulletin boards, it is safe because it does not use push pins or thumbtacks.

Do you want to hang up your mirror to clearly visualize your exercises and observe the evolution of your silhouette? AS Hanging Display Systems has been manufacturing and selling hanging systems for over 35 years! We have all the parts to hand that mirror whether it is framed or not. You might also want to hang some photo frame or your training poster, framed art, etc., choose from wall or ceiling rails, drop ceiling hanger and more!

Start or continue your well-equipped workout plan!