Mini Hook Features

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Clever and Functional Hanging Hook

As you may know, we have offered a Mini Hook for years. His design offers some great features.


Mini Hook ally functionality and ease of use. This handy little hanging hook is both diminutive and capable of accomplishing unique tasks. 


Weight Capacity : 12 lbs (5.5 kg) per attachment
Compatible with : Steel Cable, Nylon Cord

Mini HookMini Hook

Functional and easy to useFunctional and easy to use

Right-Handed or Left-Handed

Mini Hook can swivel for both left and right hand use.

This allows for access from either the right or left side of the art piece, making adjustments more “approachable”.


It can be used to snare an object’s hang wire in a secure/anti-theft manner.

Being able to use one hanging hook to achieve both the secure/anti-theft, as well as a standard, hanging application brings multi-use flexibility to your displays. 



Slotted HookSlotted Hook

Slot Added to Mini Hook Body

Mini Hook can be added to an existing tensioned cable without having to remove the cable from its bottom attachment point.

Simply twist the screw to reveal the slot, slip the hanging hook onto the cable at the position desired, and tighten the screw back into place to secure the hook. Voila!


You’ll love this feature! This means that re-setting or redesigning your display is now even easier than before.


There’s no longer a need to detach the cable from the tensioner to affix additional hanging hook and tighten with the screw. This is a unique feature, offered by no other hook on the market. 

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