Indoor Halloween Decorations

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Hanging Halloween Decorations

You’ve probably spent weeks planning your indoor Halloween decorations! But have you thought of how you’re going to hang them on your walls or ceilings?


Believe it or not, you don’t need to damage your walls with screws, nails and holes.


We’ve got the solution: picture hanging systems for hanging Halloween Decorations!

Hanging SolutionsHanging Solutions

Wall Systems - Click Rail TrackWall Systems - Click Rail Track
Picture Hanging SystemsPicture Hanging Systems
Wall Systems - Click Rail TracksWall Systems - Click Rail Tracks

Be Inspired

From floral elements to furniture that you can temporarily modify, there are many how-tos to get your home in the spooky spirit.


Find perfect indoor Halloween decorations at your preferred store or create ones using crafty essentials like hot glue and shears, and hang them from one of our tracks.


Hanging Halloween decorations will become a piece of cake!

Hang Spooky Mirror

If you want to up the scream factor, try making a modified mirror, which can become hauntingly eerie with just a few additions.


Hang it from one of our ceilings or wall systems.


Browse your options!

How to Hang a MirrorHow to Hang a Mirror

Drop Ceiling HangersDrop Ceiling Hangers
Drop Ceiling Hangers T BarDrop Ceiling Hangers T Bar
Drop Ceiling Hanger T BarDrop Ceiling Hanger T Bar

There’s a Halloween project for every room in the house and there’s a hanging system dedicate to any spaces of your home!


Even for your drop ceilings!


Discover our Drop Ceiling Hangers!

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