How To Use a Hanging System to Display Plaques or Awards with Keyhole Slot

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Perhaps you own a laminated photo. 
Or maybe graduation plaques from your child's school?
Or recent awards from your business success.

On the back side of many of them, you find a common keyhole slot.

Has this left you contemplating how to hang a picture or plaque when one of these slots is present?

I remember the first time I saw this very odd shape and I really wondered why ... Years later when I learned the correct wall installation method, I found that it was a very clever design. This finishing method, because it is so inexpensive, is so popular in the awards industry that most people just don't notice it anymore. We have all mounted such items on walls with screws or even nails. Hey, it works. Such routed slots are commonly very difficult to adapt to hanging systems however, and thus require a new approach to plaque or wall hanging ideas. Most cable hooks just don't fit in, due to the narrow slot width. And because you want to avoid screwing anything in the back of your recent award, permanently damaging your wall seems the only solution. The clever design of AS Hanging System's Utility Hook will help you to create a nice display on your office or home walls with anything prepared in this manner! It neatly grasps the horizontal routed slot found in the back of your item. A perfect combination

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This application provides a very stable hanging solution and makes your unframed piece stay quite close to the wall, preventing possible tilting on a very small pieces. Before you ask why I rolled the excess cable just below the hook, it's because that's what we recommend! After all, once cut you can never add the length back on. Hide the excess on the back of your piece for a perfect display and the extra length is there next time when you may need it. Our Utility Hook is compatible with all cable systems, and it works well on both steel and nylon cables.