Casso Display Rail System

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Bulletin Bar

In general business Casso Display Rail System makes an excellent bulletin bar near the water cooler. Staff can post for Sale notices, ride-share offers and sports team schedules in an orderly manner. Architects, artists and other creatives routinely employ it to review concepts.

Casso Display Rail System


Corkless Display Rail

Use it in school classrooms and corridors to display youth art and schoolwork. It is end-to-end mountable and compatible with 2- and 4-ply matte board. Best of all there are no thumb tacks, staples or other sharps. It is a corkless display rail with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

Casso Display Rail System


Casso in Healthcare

However, Casso® Display Rail is also helping with patient outcomes. It is the means by which Get Well cards are managed in patient care rooms. Likewise, another use in the healthcare sector is where the rail acts as a Patient Care Signage Rail. Both of these uses are addressed by our EBD product group.

Casso Display Rail System

At Home

While all this is true, at home your little Picasso can set up their own gallery in their room, which takes the pressure off your refrigerator.

Casso Display Rail can bring order to chaos.

Casso Display Rail System


Casso Display Rail Inspirations




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