Since most of the population is familiar and experienced with hanging a frame from the hang wire on the rear of a frame, it is natural for us to do the same when hanging a framed art piece from a hanging system. However, that experience does not translate to a framed art piece hanging from two cables or rods.

The Problem - Hanging System Cables Angle Toward Center of Frame

When hanging an object from two cables/rods attached to the hang wire on the rear side of a framed object, the hanging system cables will tend to angle towards the centerline of the frame. This causes an unprofessional, and unstable hanging display. See first illustration.

How to Optimize Hanging Systems series by - 2 Cables Angle Toward Frame Center

The Solution - Move Attachment Points

There is a simple correction that will cause the cables/rods to hang vertically - the way you might expect them to behave. Simply attach the hanging system hooks directly to the attachment points at both ends of the frame hang wire. Just allow any existing hang wire to ... well, hang (unused) behind the frame.

How to Optimize Hanging Systems series by - 2 Cables Hooked to Frame Attachment Points

The framed art or photograph now has the hanging system supporting the frame nearer to the corners, resulting in better alignment, frame stability, and a professional presentation (which doesn't visually detract from the art piece). How easy is that?

Do you have framed art or photography that would benefit from an optimized art hanging system using two cables?

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Hanging art is the differentiator and the ultimate personal touch to one’s home. Nothing speaks more about the occupants, their tastes and preferences, their personality, or speaks to what they value, more than the art they choose to place on the walls of their domicile. Yet, tastes change over time. Values change. Budgets change. The one constant is “change”. The result – changes to displayed art.

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