Love is in the air

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Love is in the air!

You’ve been working on Valentine’s Day Cards and Decorations for weeks, and February 14th is just around the corner. So, to celebrate the big day, why not fill your house with Valentine’s Day decorations fit for the season? AS Hanging Display Systems will help you express how you feel to your loved one, without damaging your walls in the process!


Start decorating your home for a Happy Valentines Day
After all, who doesn’t love the warm, fizzy feelings the lovely heart-shaped decor infuses into this time of the year? While things may look and feel different this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day special! AS Hanging is there to help you!


It’s one of the easiest holidays to decorate for. Flowers—roses, and other blooms provide instant festivity, but there are plenty of wall decor ideas, also. Set the romantic mood at home, in every space. No matter what area of your home you’re targeting—your living room, office, bedroom, or even the entrance area—let a creative and surprisingly elegant Valentine’s Day wall decor inspire your loved one.

Be InspiredBe Inspired

Display your loveDisplay your love

Do not miss your entrance!

Your home entrance matters! The first impression is important! Whoever you invites into your home, your entrance creates a kick-off. Valentine’s Day must be present in your entrance! Hang up a beautiful heart-shaped wreath with our picture hanging rail! It is installed at the top of the wall, securely fixed, it is safe, useful, and versatile. The hanging rail is discreet because it is part of the decor like a molding. Change and add decorations in seconds, without difficulty and without tools! With AS Hanging Display Systems, you will never miss your entrance again and your loved one will immediately know your feelings!


Install the wall organizer Casso® Display Rail to exhibit your love by paper’s heart-shaped, Valentine’s Day cards, love letters, etc. Easy to also display love notes on Casso® Display Rail.

A touch of romance

You want to add a touch of romance to every room. Transform your living room into a beautiful love gallery. Hang up on-theme artworks and framed art that represent your feelings for your partner. Our hanging system for artwork will let you display your love of art without damaging your walls with nails.


Transform the bedroom into a romantic space with adorable heart’s artworks. Turn a treasured love letter into a stunning, framed art, and display this gem in sight. This way, you’ve got a Valentine’s Day craft and gift so thoughtful!

Classic Wall TrackClassic Wall Track
Romantic KitchenRomantic Kitchen

You don’t think your kitchen may become a romantic space…

Cook a beautiful meal with your loved one or try a virtual cooking class for a truly unforgettable meal. Install previously the Casso® Display Rail on your kitchen wall and display the recipes, some heart-shaped crafts, and enjoy this quality time in your kitchen! Food is often the way to your significant other’s heart.

Display Kids Valentine's Day CraftsDisplay Kids Valentine's Day Crafts

AS you love it!

Give yourself the way to create beautiful spaces for your loved ones. Wall or ceiling mounted picture hanging systems will let you create the most loving wall decor filled with heart’s pictures or kid’s artworks!