How to organize your kitchen?

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How to organize your kitchen?

The problem with a kitchen is often that all countertops are cluttered with food, small kitchen appliances and utensils. You want to follow a new recipe, but you don't know where to place the instruction sheets, so you don't get them dirty or lose them.

Organize your kitchen to your image! Start your kitchen organization by putting away unnecessary kitchen tools not needed for your recipe. In front of you, place ingredients necessary for the composition of your chosen recipe. But first, install a Casso® Display Rail on the wall closest to your countertop. Very easy to install, all you need is a level, a drill or screwdriver and you're done!

Now that the paper organizer is installed, display your recipes there! You won’t spill oil or flower all over them while preparing your recipe! The recipe is now easy see and to follow, as the different pages and steps are displayed side by side. Just awesome kitchen organization! In addition, you can hang your meal plan, menus of the week, shopping list, drawing of the youngest, etc.

Casso dans la cuisine

The Casso Display Rail will meet your needs in the kitchen organization and you will discover all the advantages of installing them in the office to store paperwork, in the children's room to display their crafts and schoolwork, or in the entrance for the various lists things to do. Hang with the Best®!

Casso Display Rail in your KitchenCasso Display Rail in your Kitchen
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