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A wide variety of Picture Hanging Solutions

Discover blogs that will inspire you with a wide variety of picture hanging solutions. Discover how to hang art gallery style, how high to hang picture on wall, how to hang pictures on drywall, without any damage to your walls. You’ll learn how to choose the right picture hanging hardware according to picture weight and type of wall or ceiling, all with a choice of different types of picture hangers. Let's get hanging together!

  1. The Timeless Elegance of Black

    The Timeless Elegance of Black
    AS Hanging Display Systems, inspired by the world of architecture and design, has developed a black range of picture hanging systems to blends perfectly with any decor.
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  2. Hang on for a green world!

    Hang on for a green world!
    We strongly believe at AS Hanging Display Systems that we can help people reduce their environmental footprint by embracing sustainable hanging and display systems.
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  3. How to organize your kitchen?

    How to organize your kitchen?
    Start your kitchen organization by cleaning your working surfaces. Install a Casso® Display Rail on the wall closest to your countertop to display your recipes, menus, meal plan, shopping list, etc.
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  4. A, B, C, D Ring !

    A, B, C, D Ring !
    D Ring are the ubiquitous method for creating an attach point behind picture frames or any other objects to be suspended. The D Ring are made by a leading supplier of framing hardware industry.
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  5. Kids creative activities at home, Halloween

    Kids creative activities at home, Halloween
    Quick & Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to get into the Halloween spirit but then to do some fun Halloween Crafts for Kids?
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  6. Get Well Soon!

    Get Well Soon!
    Receiving a get well soon card is a precious moment in recovery. The safe and easy-to-use Casso® wall organizer showcases and highlights get-well cards to the delight of patients.
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  7. Wire Cutters

    Wire Cutters
    You purchased galvanized steel or stainless steel cables from our store or from our website. You might have purchased Cables slightly longer than you need, or you must cut excess Cable length on the bottom Tensioners of your Tracks or Piers of your Tensioned System. 
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  8. For a Safe and Successful Back to School – 10% off discount!

    For a Safe and Successful Back to School – 10% off discount!
    For a Safe and Successful Back to School –   10% off discount! The new school year is already upon us! Schools must find safe methods to install sneeze guard to protect children from the transmission of Covid-19.
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  9. Workout Plan

    Workout Plan
    Back to school is upon us. Summer is ending soon. End of year celebrations will soon be organized. We took advantage of drinks on the side of the pool, meals on the terrace, supper with friends, etc. We have often told ourselves that it is okay to put on a little weight while having so much fun exaggerating on the finer things in life. Now, those extra pounds have to disappear with a vigorous training.
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  10. A Two-in-One Wall Organizer

    A Two-in-One Wall Organizer
    When we buy a bulletin board or wall organizer, we think about displaying papers, lists, photos, etc. If you try to hang a cap on a thumbtack on corkboards, the result is likely for it to end up on the floor almost immediately. In addition, corkboards are not very ‘’sexy’’, not to mention their dangerous side due to thumbtacks and pins.
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  11. Sneeze Guard to protect our employees and customers

    Sneeze Guard to protect our employees and customers
    A sneeze guard is an acrylic sheet or glass screen protector designed to protect food or people from the exposure to respiratory droplets, which are dispensed when coughing, sneezing or even talking. Sneeze guard has been in use in restaurants for decades.
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