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  1. How To Hang Art in Earthquake Zones

    How To Hang Art in Earthquake Zones
    As someone who grew up in an earthquake zone in southern California, I have personal first hand experience with shake, rattle, and roll of Mother Nature's occasional convulsing. Besides a multitude of less memorable shakers, I have experienced the following significant quakes:1971 6.6 San
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  2. How To Create a 3D Art Display

    How To Create a 3D Art Display
    This post explores how to create a 3D art display, which has been very cleverly designed using our Tensioners. I absolutely love the playfulness in this art exhibit. The Library of the city of Boucherville worked in conjunction with the Quebec Province Department of Education to create an interactive media room in the library as a space where various art displays can be presented
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  3. How To Hang a Poster

    How To Hang a Poster
    Remember back to your teenage years when your walls were smattered with posters of your favorite teenage passion, whether it was rock bands, fast cars, hot girls, hot boys, your favorite sport, what have you? Remember marring that cool poster with all those thumbtack holes or torn corners from putting the posters in just the right spot, only to move them when a new passion or poster was added to the collection? And the holes in the walls, and tape residue that just wouldn't peel off of the paint
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