AS Hanging Display Systems maintain its business activities during the Covid-19 pandemic

Given the current situation related with COVID-19, we are taking necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff.
Our warehouses to obey with the highest hygiene and safety measures. Life is precious, and rest assured that everything is in place to serve you without compromising the health of our employees and our customers.

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  1. Picture perfect restaurant

    Picture perfect restaurant

    Picture Perfect Restaurant.

    First impressions matter. You have one chance to make a first impression and it’s important to nail that impression.

    How important are details? When building an experience for your guests, the little details are primordial.

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  2. George, 73 - Part #2 Covid-19 Containment

    George, 73 - Part #2 Covid-19 Containment

    My grandson William embarked us all in the adventure of writing with his idea of delivering his comments to AS Hanging Display Systems !

    What a good idea for a little change from everyday routine life! Speaking of change, I too ordered a suspended system to give them my impressions.

    My first comment appertains to the actual simplicity of ordering from AS Systems.

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  3. Protection Kits - Plexiglass Sheet or Glass Shield Hanging Systems

    Protection Kits - Plexiglass Sheet or Glass Shield Hanging Systems

    A professional, quick and easy install for all retail environments, stores, clinics, etc.. We propose a variety of solutions to hang plexiglass or acrylic sheets from ceilings.

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  4. William, 10 - Part #1 in Covid-19 Containment

    William, 10 - Part #1 in Covid-19 Containment

    Hello, my name is Rachel, I am the mother of William, 10 years old, who wanted to practice his French writing during the difficult period that we are currently experiencing in this time of global crisis. He wanted to submit his text to AS Hanging Systems who inspired him to do so. I gave him my permission; you will find his first blog below.

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