A, B, C, D Ring!

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A, B, C, D Ring !

Frame D Ring (also formerly known as strap hangers) are the ubiquitous method for creating an attach point behind picture frames or any other objects to be suspended. The D Ring are made by a leading supplier of framing hardware industry. The D Ring can be placed on the center rear of any picture frames or two can be mounted, one on each frame side-rail. Les anneaux de fixation sont fabriqués par un leader de l'industrie du matériel d'encadrement. L'anneau de fixation peut être fixé au centre arrière de n'importe quel cadre photo ou vous pouvez installer de chaque côté du cadre.

Once installed, they may be used directly by our hanging hooks or a wire may be strung between two of them. When attaching D Ring to a frame that will be used on a hanging system, you might consider placing them very high on the side rails of the frame instead of the customary formula, 1/3 down from the top of the frame. This will help the picture frames hang closer to the wall. This is particularly appropriate if the frame will be strung with a hang wire.

Also, if you elect to use a hanging wire on the rear side of a frame, and intend to use a hanging system, we recommend removing any slack from the hanging wire. Feel free to review How to, Part 1: Hang Framed Art and How to, Part 2: Manage Face Forward.

3 Sizes of D Ring3 Sizes of D Ring

We offer three sizes of D Ring Hangers:
1. Small | 2. Medium | 3. Large

D Ring, SmallD Ring, Small
D Ring, MediumD Ring, Medium
D Ring, LargeD Ring, Large

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