World Life Day October 30th

Celebration of life!

Today is the World Day of Life; For the past 13 years, every October 30 at 1 p.m. GMT, the whole planet is invited to observe a minute of cheer in honor of life.

Today and every day, let us promote life. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us all realize how precious life and health is. This day allows everyone to realize that being alive is a privilege and is to be celebrated.

Today, let's celebrate life by giving to others, by having fun, by lending a hand to a loved one. Let us meditate on the meaning we want to give to our life, and of the imprint we want to leave.

AS Hanging Display Systems is getting involved by offering 10% off to nonprofit organizations that help everyone's lives.

Let us contribute to a better life today and every day through small gestures of generosity, openness, respect and love.

World Life Day, October 30thWorld Life Day, October 30th