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Important Covid-19 Business continuity measuresImportant Covid-19 Business continuity measures

3 steps to create your picture hanging system

Our art hanging systems are designed to give you the freedom to easily add, organise and move art or wall object.


Select how your picture hanging system will be anchored.

Cables & Rods

Select a cable or rod that is compatible with Step 1.

Hooks & Fittings

Complete your system with hooks, fittings and accessories.


Ingeniously designed and incredibly versatile, we have specialized solutions to display your materials.

Acrylic Pocket System

Casso Display Rails

Footprintless Wall Easel

Restaurant Menu Display

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How To Hang Art on Brick Walls

Maintaining the natural beauty and integrity of brick walls, such as those often but not exclusively found in historic architecture, can pose challenges when it comes to hanging art or signage. With a mounting surface of brick, as opposed to drywall, it is nearly impossible to fill, patch, or repair nail hole damage once it has occurred.

Casso Display Rail Hangs Children's Art in Schools Beautifully

Children take great pride when their artwork is displayed at school. The art brightens up the walls and adds cheer to the environment. It makes parents feel proud of their little one's abilities to see their artistic creativity being shared with others. We have a solution to how to hang children's art without damage or concern of sharps in schools - Casso® Display Rail.

Tips and Ideas for Hanging Pictures and Gallery Wall Layouts

Creating a picture wall or art display wall is a stylish way to add personality to a home. When done correctly, the results are timeless. This type of display holds up over time, and you will find yourself satisfied with your picture wall for years to come.

How to Hang Pictures Without Nails

Using a hammer and nails is not always the best solution for hanging your pictures inside your home. Not only do nails leave unsightly holes in your walls, they require you to repeatedly patch, sand and paint every-time you want to change your pictures around. Let's look at other alternatives!

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