Presenting the Picture hanging hardware to support your picture hanging ideas.


Understanding all the parts of our Picture hanging systems and their most advantageous applications can play an important part in your picture hanging ideas.


By knowing your picture hanging hardware, and how they behave, you will be able to create the perfect picture hanging system to show your wall decoration, all your picture hanging ideas, or create unique wall display.


There are three basic elements to consider. We will explore each element with you in more detail.

Picture hanging hardware include::

     1. the horizontal elements (track or stand-off)

     2. the vertical elements (rod or cable)

     3. hooks and fittings:

Wall Hanging Track System
Standoff System

1. Horizontal Elements

The horizontal elements of Picture hanging hardware are perhaps the most important. They support the weight of the entire system and typically offer infinite left and right adjustments.

Tracks, as the four pictured here, accomplish each of these things. They vary in the amount of weight they will support, the type of surface to which they will attach, and are available in open vs. close-faced design.

Additionally, standoff systems are an alternate choice in picture hanging hardware, which, some choose to deploy in lieu of a wall hanging track system. One example of a standoff, seen as the right most illustration below, are our Point-to-Point Piers. These may be mounted to any of walls, ceiling and floors. They do not offer left/right adjustability, but instead offer a very discreet approach and a smart looking design to display your picture hanging ideas.

Learn more about our tracks or piers (standoffs).

2. Vertical Elements

The vertical elements of picture hanging hardware come in many varieties. Typically, they are usually grouped into three categories: cable, cord and rod.

These elements serve two main objectives. First, they serve to support a column of material and objects and, second, they provide for infinite up and down adjustment below the track. We will discuss these in more detail at a future date.

The last element, but an element requiring function and design consideration, is the selection of hook and fitting of picture hanging hardware. Depending on what type of medium you'll be displaying, whether you've chosen rod or cable, the functionality of your display, and of course, the design feature you're wanting to present, all must be evaluated in choosing the proper hook and fittings to display your picture hanging ideas.

Learn more about our Cables or Rods.

3. Hooks and Fittings


We have numerous combinations available to create your display, providing perfect functionality while putting your best foot forward.

For example, weight considerations are just one example of a possible determinant when selecting hooks and fittings. This is depicted in the graphic found here. However, security may be the aspect that decides which fitting you might prefer.

The options are too numerous to discuss here. Please see our blog entries about the Utility Hook as an example of how nicely a design may be finessed with the correct fitting.

Learn more about our Hooks and Fittings.    



If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our products can be beneficial in your project, please contact our Customer Support at, or give us a call at 866 935-6949 (toll free) or at our local number 450 619-7999.


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