All for one and one for all!

We are all living in a great period of stress and insecurity. Between confinement and deconfinement, family and work obligations, the health of our loved ones and our desire to stay in contact with our acquaintances. Every day we repeat it to ourselves: Everything will be alright! Today and tomorrow, we must do to the best of our knowledge and our values and never stop hoping for clearer, better days.

In your homes and in schools, in hospitals and in all public and commercial places, the cry from the heart is ‘’One for all and all for one!’’ We must support our society in its choices, while ensuring the well-being of our own. Together we will get there. Solidarity is the key to this global crisis.

At AS Hanging Display Systems, we are committed to helping you in our own way. We have created Covid protection kits, solutions for hanging Plexiglass sheets to protect cashiers and their customers by avoiding direct contact.