World Architecture Day

Celebrated on the first Monday of each October, was created by the International Union of Architects (UIA) in 1985 with the aim of recognizing the work of architects and celebrating the great architectural works of the world.

Architecture is extremely important, and architects have the potential to shape societies, lives, and communities. Architecture plays an essential role in planning the future of a city or a society. Today, more than ever the Covid-19 pandemic asks us to reorganize our spaces and the way we handle human contacts. Architecture will play a crucial role in this new spatial organization.

At AS Hanging Display Systems we have worked hand in hand for more than 30 years with the biggest and most prestigious architect firms in America and around the world to provide them with effective and innovative solutions. We help fuel their imagination and their creative spirit with versatile, simple, designer, and safe products. Our wall or ceiling tracks meet all criteria for residential, commercial and institutional architectural projects. Several solutions are offered to create pure spaces that emit quality and functionality. Hidden rails in the walls and ceilings installed during construction or renovation provide the answer that several architects are looking for to prevent damages to the newly created walls.

Reach your highest ASpirationsReach your highest ASpirations

In the current global situation of climate change, each of us must make a small gesture to improve the global environmental situation. Architecture plays a big role here. At AS Hanging Display Systems we encourage people to adopt hanging and display systems to reduce their ecological footprint. By installing these hanging Tracks in their homes, in their businesses, schools, hospitals, buildings, etc., Each wall will benefit from having a hanging system meaning fewer paint cans! By installing a wall or ceiling hanging system, you can display pictures, wall decorations, etc. without ever damaging the walls because you will no longer have to hammer in nails, tacks, wall hooks, etc. The track is securely anchored to the top of the wall or ceiling, the cable hangs anywhere along the length of the 6 foot track and can be moved from left to right with a flick of the wrist and the hook is inserted on the is can be adjusted up and down as many times as desired. AS Hanging Display Systems wants to make an environmental difference, today and for the future of our children.

Every day, architects reflect on our society and development issues in our cities and human habitat in general. We are happy to recognize the unparalleled work of architects and help them make a difference.

Safe and TrendySafe and Trendy